10 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Wow Your Dad

We cherished our moms in May, and June is a great reminder that we should cherish our dads too. Actually, we have to cherish our parents on a daily basis, but all those busy schedules make us forget about the family values. No matter what kind of relationship you have with your dad, consider buying one of these unique Father’s Day gifts to make that relationship stronger.

1 Wine and Martini Glass

Price: $10.95 Available: amazon.com

If you think glasses make boring gifts, have a look at this incredible wine and martini glass and think again. It is a wallet-friendly gift for dads who love who can’t decide what drink wine or martini today.

2 Wet Shave Starter Kit

Price: $125 Available: baxterofcalifornia.com

Well, this one is pricey, but your dad deserves it, doesn’t he? He will be using this shave kit every day and you will help him save some cash as well. And, hey, I am not promoting this exact product, you can buy any wet shave starter kit at the nearest store.

3 Print Short Sleeve Shirt

Price: $39.95 Available: ae.com

Help your dad update his summer look with this fantastic Hawaiian shirt. No matter his age, he will look great in it. If your dad is all about print things, consider buying some prink pants to complete the look.

4 Two Person Inflatable Kayak Set

Price: $142.27 Available: amazon.com

Summer is all about being active and having fun, and what can be more fun than kayaking? Especially, when you go kayaking together. Wow your dad with the two person inflatable kayak set on Father’s Day to let him know you are going to spend a lot of time together this summer season.

5 BLEU DE CHANEL Men’s Cologne

Price: $72.00 Available: sephora.com

With woody scents mixed with light citrus notes that are clean, fresh, and sensual, a new BLEU DE CHANEL fragrance for men is a trendy yet unique Father’s Day gift idea to consider. Unless your dad is highly picky when it comes to fragrances, he will love it.

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6 West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit

Price: $20.00 – $45.00 Available: uncommongoods.com

Is your dad a beer drinker? Inspire him to create his own beer and enjoy a healthy drink without heading to the bar by gifting the beer brewing kit. Perhaps, he has no idea such a kit exists, so you will definitely hear that wow-what-is-that exclamation in return.

7 Classic Sleep Headphones

Price: $39.95 Available: amazon.com

If your dad has trouble falling asleep or he loves to sleep while listening to white noise, he may need new comfortable sleep headphones. They make a stylish and affordable gift for Father’s Day. No more painful earplugs to block out the noise.

8 Travel Hammock

Price: $59.99 – $83.17 (depending on color) Available: amazon.com

This hammock is a dream of every hiker and anyone who spends most of their summer traveling and camping. It is portable, easy to carry and simple to use. According to the product reviews, this travel hammock is worth the money. Your dad will love it, anyway.

9 Portable Gas Grill

Price: $194.66 Available: amazon.com

BBQ season is officially here, which means family gatherings and road trips are inevitable. Make those gatherings easier by gifting your dad a portable gas grill. The gift is expensive, but your dad will hopefully use it for many years to come

10 Apple Watch

Price: $699 Available: apple.com Finally, if you are really ready to splurge on a Father’s Day gift (and you can actually afford it), consider purchasing Apple Watch. Even if he is not an Apple guy, he will definitely appreciate the gift and use it in his daily life.

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I have a complicated relationship with my dad, but I always try to show him that I still love him, even if it is just on Father’s Day. Everyone is different so I have to accept that my dad has his own cockroaches in his head and I have my own ones. If your relationship with your dad is anything like mine, take advantage of Father’s Day to make your father-daughter relationship stronger. Have you already decided what to gift your dad?