5 Ways to Show Your Father How Much You Cherish Him

Jun 17, 2017

I love my dad. He has loved and supported me through some pretty tough times. He would do anything for anyone. He is loving, compassionate, godly, giving, positive, and an amazing role model.

I cherish my dad and can’t imagine my life without him. How about your dad? What makes him special? Show your father how much you cherish him on Father’s Day by trying the following ideas.

1 Reflect

Take some time to reflect on your thoughts and feelings about your father. Ask yourself some reflective questions and then share your thoughts with him.

  • What is something you love about your father either now or when you were younger?
  • Has your father done something for you that touched your life in a positive way?
  • What do and your father like to do together? Or what is something you both like?
  • What are his qualities you are most proud of? Do you have any of them?
  • What is a favorite memory of your dad?

2 Forgive

No father is perfect so there may be some things you need to forgive him for, and maybe there are things he needs to forgive you for. Forgiveness brings healing, and healing brings closeness.

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3 Share

Sharing memories and experiences can formulate fond feelings. Take some time to share memories with him by pulling out the photos and memorabilia. Make some new memories with your dad by experiencing simple things in life. Experience sunsets together or go on a picnic. Go for a quick road trip together. Spend an afternoon doing something you both like to do.

4 Connect

Connecting with your father is similar to sharing, but it goes a little deeper. It requires you to think about what you can do as a service to your father. Find out his love language and serve him through that love.

If your father’s love language is gifts, then take the time to think about something unique to make or buy for him. If it’s words of affirmation, be sure to let him know the positive things you cherish about him. By serving his love language, you are showing your love in a more intimate and loving way while connecting with him.

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5 Create new experiences

It is never too late to create new experiences with your dad. Do things you might not normally do. Some ideas might be going on a Father/Daughter date. Do a book club with your dad. Do something only your dad likes to do. Maybe it is fishing or camping. Create art or a build a project together.

Make quality time with your dad a part of your weekly or monthly routine. Get really creative with ways to spend time with your dad, and make it a priority to cherish your time with him.

A relationship with your father is a special one. There is something about your father that no one else has, so let him know just how much you cherish him this Father’s Day.