10 Fantastic Books to Read on Rainy and Snowy Days

I do not know if you are the same, but when I see rain and snow in the weather forecast, I get excited. Why? Because rainy and snowy days are the perfect time to snuggle beneath a warm blanket, grab some herbal tea, and dive into the world of a wonderful book. If you are looking for mysteriously interesting books, here is a list of some fantastic options for spending your next rainy or snowy day reading:

1 The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Although this book has long since become a best seller since its publication in 2003 and has gotten a movie variation, the novel is one of those stories that you do not mind curling up beneath a thick blanket and enjoying again and again. For those of you who love the mystery, suspense, and historical fiction tales, this is one for you.

In short, the symbologist Robert Langdon is called in to unravel a mystery starting at the Louvre Museum in Paris but winds up in the midst of a battle between two ancient orders, Da Vinci’s genius, and romance. And if you already read The Da Vinci Code, what’s stopping you from picking up the remainder of the series?