8 Children’s Books You Should Definitely Read Again

Aug 16, 2016

We find ourselves in a world that revolves around trends, money and power – so much so that we are numbed by the injustices that are taking place in society. Injustices we can put a stop too if we had the will to move our minds from comparison and open our eyes to what is really unfolding in front of us.

That is why it excites my soul to see that the following books are prescribed to high school students, allowing them to see all that has happened, can happen and possibly will happen in the world we find ourselves in. It is for this reason that I believe the time has come for us to stand up, walk over to our bookshelves, find these hidden gems, dust them off and enjoy reading them with a nice cup of tea.

It is in these books that we will be faced with challenges of the past starting to repeat themselves today; some challenges, that although fictional, will evoke a sense of fear and yes, eventually purpose for change; challenges that will remind us of who we are at our core: strong and resilient human beings that cannot be oppressed by maleficent people of authority, as well as people in our personal, everyday life.

Here are eight books school kids are reading, that we should definitely read again:

1 Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal Farm is probably one of the most popular school reads in the world. George Orwell wrote it as a political allegory and has since then inspired the minds of not only adult revolutionaries but also the younger ones who start feeling the spark of righteousness and freedom for all of the humanity in their hearts.

The story of a group of farm animals revolting against their cruel owner, only to find themselves under the oppression of one they thought to be their “Comrade” will, as long as we have power-hungry leaders, stay universally true. The allegory also serves as a reminder of how the power of propaganda can be used in order to brainwash society and get them to submit.

This will advise us to open our eyes and not just accept everything we are being fed through the media and those in powerful positions. It is important to maintain order and respect, but not at the cost of losing our individuality and option to question what is happening to us and around us.