5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Free Time

Oct 24, 2022

This busy world makes you run around like a squirrel in a cage. All human beings are the creatures of habits. They can easily get used to a big stress and cope with extremely busy schedules. In any case, I’m sure that even the busiest person has some free time during the day. It may be a break at work or on your way home.

Have you ever imagined how many useful things and tasks you would have done, if you used your time properly? You would have been the most productive, but unhappy person. It often happens that pathological workaholics can neither breathe in the air of freedom and relaxation nor do nothing during the free moment, but they’re always longing to do something. I’m sure that these people aren’t ill; they just have a habit of working like an ant. People who do different tasks 24 hours a day have more chances to achieve desirable results and jump ahead of the others. Unfortunately, I’m not the one who is ready to sacrifice my free time for the sake of accelerated development and success. Laziness often breaks our plans and sudden urges to occupy ourselves with something useful. Here are 5 smart ways to spend your free time.

1 Do nothing

It sounds weird, I know. This is actually the life motto of many lazy people. But why do we call them lazybones? Every person is free to decide what to do and manage their free time. Many of us try to be laborious, but we often do pointless things. We do not realize that excessive workload steals happiness and health. A human body needs time to restore energy after physical and mental activities. It cannot work at the top of its bent all the time.

Let yourself enjoy the feeling of total mental relaxation and mindlessness. Have you ever tried to think about nothing? The state of complete mindlessness has a wonderful healing effect on both mental and physical well-being. Don’t be hard on yourself all the time and give yourself a chance to forget about failures, worries, anxiety and enjoy the reality. If the twinges of conscience never leave you in peace, you should take it easy. It’s normal to do nothing when you have free time during the day.

2 Meditate

It’s not necessary to create a comfortable and calm atmosphere for a daily meditation. Even mini-meditations throughout the day can be of great value. You can meditate almost everywhere, because your head is all you need. For the sake of God, don’t meditate while driving since your mind should be completely concentrated on the process of driving a car. If you’re a passenger, then you have a nice opportunity to run away from reality by using the strong power of your imagination.

A short break is a good time to watch the breath and focus your gaze on a picture of something marvelous and charming. Feel the warmth running in your body and realize that oxygen you breathe in restores every cell and helps the muscular and nervous systems function properly. This mental set is directed on the process of mental and physical recovery. Plus, it stimulates a sense of well-being. If you want some relaxation, then imagine yourself walking along the Great Ocean Road and enjoying the healing beauty and energy of the ocean.

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3 Listen to music

Music is the best way to pass the time and feel pleasant emotions. Today electronic technologies have made a quantum leap. If you’re a music junkie, then listening to your favorite music is a good idea. Music can inspire and motivate people to be more productive and think positively.

It’s not just a set of sounds. Every song or tune carries definite sign, experiences or information. Try to listen to positive and invigorating music. It’s been proved that mild classical music can have a great healing effect on human mind and body. I’ve also noticed an interesting fact about music. It seems to me that time flies faster than usual when I’m listening to a good music. Songs can absorb people’s emotions and improve the mood.

4 Read a good book

Reading has always been the smartest way to spend free time. Human head is like a grand theater, full of numerous thoughts and images. With a help of a book you can plunge into the world that’s described in a story or novel. You can feel the atmosphere of the epoch, feeling and emotions of the characters. Furthermore, reading is a favorite activity of mentally rich and highly intelligent people. If you still think that reading is an old-fashioned way of self-development, then you’re seriously mistaken. Even nowadays many young and modern people prefer reading to other activities. Maybe you’re afraid of carrying huge books in your tiny fancy-bag? It’s not a problem anymore! I’m sure that your phone supports various apps that allow you to download free books, magazines and stories. E-book reader is a super device that will help you always have a big library close at hand.

5 Exercise

Do a few exercises every time you have a free minute. It will be the best present for your body. I know that you’re very busy, but it’s crucially important for your health. You don’t have to run around the park every day. You may content yourself with simple physical exercises. There’re so many kinds of gymnastics. One day you can allot time for respiratory gymnastics, another day – pay attention to gymnastics for eyes, especially if you’re an office worker and operate the computer every day. You should know that physical exercises increase the flow of blood inside your muscles and organs. Even a five minute exercise will make you feel better.

It’s wonderful when the employer cares about the health of the employees. I’ve heard that some companies provide all necessary tools and opportunities for the stuff to do physical exercises and move more. These short breaks can refresh their minds. Then they’ll be ready to continue their active and productive team work in a good mood.

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Try to make breaks during the working day. Breaks are a wondrous chance to revive from negativity and embellish your casual life with bright colors. I hope this article will influence your mind positively and change your life for better. What way do you spend free time during the day? Any other ideas? Share your point of view!