10 Healthy Things to Do during Your Lunch Break

Oct 20, 2022

A lunch hour is essential for taking a physical and mental break, and it’s important to do the healthy things during your lunch hour. While it’s easier to fall back into your chair and gossip with your coworkers or surf the Internet, it’s better to spend your lunch break more effectively. Sure, you need to eat a healthy snack first. Try out some of these seven healthy things to do during your lunch break and let me know what you think!

1 Exercise

One of the healthiest things you can do during your lunch break is to exercise. Maybe you don’t want to lose weight, but who said that exercise is only for people who are trying to drop unwanted pounds? Start exercising during your lunch hour and you will feel healthier and full of energy to accomplish those difficult tasks. Even if it’s just going for a brisk walk or doing a few sit-ups, your body and health will thank you!

2 Take a nap

If you feel exhausted, stressed and drained, taking a nap is a wonderful way to restore energy and improve productivity. Your car in the parking lot or the couch in the break room can be a perfect place for snatching a nap. Your coworkers will be surprised to see you having tons of energy.

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3 Read a book

You might think that reading a book isn’t a healthy thing to do during your lunch break, but it’s much better than surfing the Internet. Not only is reading an amazing pastime, but it also keeps your mind active and improves your speaking, writing, and reading skills. Moreover, if you have a hard day at work, reading a good book will help keep your mind distracted from your problems.

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4 Spend time outdoors

Many people don’t leave their workplaces during a lunch break and it’s a huge mistake. No matter whether you like or hate your job, leave the building and sit on a nearby bench. You can also take a short walk. You will feel much better when you are back from a lunch break and you will have more energy and motivation to accomplish your tasks.

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5 Do your homework

Managing school and work is never an easy task. If you have plenty of homework, consider spending 15-20 minutes of your lunch hour working on your homework. This way, you will have more free time in the evening. Just make sure you don’t spend the whole lunch hour doing your homework. Having a healthy snack and doing some exercises are still essential.

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6 Plan

A lunch hour is a great time to plan your weekly meals and grocery shopping lists. Planning your weekly meals is good for your wallet and your health as well. You can also plan your lunch meals in order to avoid eating unhealthy food. Your lunch hour is also a wonderful time plan your activities, chores and social calendar. You can do it when you sit on a nearby bench.

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7 Declutter your life

Consider spending 10-15 minutes of your lunch break decluttering your life. Clean up and organize your desk and clean out your purse. Working at a cleaner desk makes you healthier and more productive. Plus, keeping your desk clean will give a great impression.

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8 Do things you enjoy

Use your lunch break to do things you enjoy most, such as going shopping, seeing your partner or friends, or visiting the park. These activities will boost your mood and refresh you. You’ll go back to the office with absolutely different mindset and you’ll work much better. Just make sure you meet positive people during your lunch hour.

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9 Reflect on your morning

A lunch break is the perfect time to evaluate your morning. Try to self-reflect on tasks you’ve accomplished. This will help you feel proud of yourself and will boost your mood. If you haven’t accomplished some tasks, don’t worry, you’ll have enough time to accomplish them after your lunch break. Keep a positive attitude since stress is harmful to your health. Avoid stress at work or if you can’t avoid it, make it work for you.

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10 Unplug and recharge

Use your lunch break to recharge by turning off your electronics and enjoying peace and quiet. Try doing meditation. It will improve your tolerance to stress, and you may even find that you’ll cope with things a whole lot better. You can also encourage your coworkers to practice meditation with you.

If you have an hour break or a few small breaks during a work day, try to stay more productive and don’t forget about your health. Personally I think the most healthiest way to spend a lunch break is to eat a healthy snack, take a short nap and take a short walk. What do you usually do during your lunch hour?