7 Things You Shouldn’t Do at Your Workplace

If you want to be a successful employee, you just have to be careful about not making some annoying mistakes, unless you really don’t care about losing the job. Constant tardiness is a point number one in the top of the most intolerable things to do at your workplace. Moreover, there are many other behaviors that are forbidden to do in the office. If you want to be seen as a serious employee, you should stick to the rules of a workplace etiquette and avoid behaviors that can outrage or annoy your co-workers.

1 Gossips

Socrates once said, “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” By all means, try to be a strong and wise personality. Gossiping is a bad job killing quality, no matter where you are. It is better to avoid chitchats about your co-workers; otherwise you will run the risk of losing authority and job. Don’t forget that you go to your workplace for the one only purpose – to work. You can discuss your colleague’s personal life some other time, if necessary. At work, you are to show your professionalism.

2 Low morale

Problems with low morale in the workplace are more obvious now. Low morale can hurt productivity, decrease cooperation between departments and increase your work errors. You should try to keep your morale on an appropriate level. If you show no enthusiasm for your duties, you will gain the reputation of a downer on the whole department. Your co-workers will lose desire to cooperate with you. Moreover, you should know that the higher authorities usually try to take immediate actions to get rid of bad employees in their companies, because they realize that low morale employees can drain morale faster than anything.

3 Conflicts

People who work together may have differences in opinions and philosophy that usually leads to conflicts. When you face personality clashes you should take some reasonable actions to minimize the frequency of conflicts and the potential damage they can do in the workplace. One of the best and the most effective ways to resolve the conflict is to look for an acceptable compromise. Don’t let you co-workers bully and offend you in no circumstances. You should stay calm and do all possible things to resolve the conflict and maintain privacy at all times. Try to save going to your supervisor at a last resort, but if nothing helps to accomplish the reconciliation, then ask him or her for help.

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4 Breaking dress code

Every company requires its personnel to follow the fixed dress code. You are lucky if you are allowed to go to work casually dressed. If not, then you should appear dressed formally, because the rules apply to everyone. You should bear in mind that low-cut, tight fitting and short clothing at work is a bad idea. It can let you down and award you with a negative reputation and poor judgment in the office. It doesn’t matter if your wardrobe is limited, just make sure you always have a neat appearance.

5 “That’s not my responsibility”

While complying with an occasional request from your supervisor to assist with tasks that are not a part of your job description, you can either agree or say, “That’s not my job.” If you want to get a job promotion, you need to do it. If you find this fact extremely unfair, you can refuse to take on someone else’s work load. This way you can say goodbye to your future promotion.

6 Not a team player

If you want to be a successful employee, you should develop the skills to work together with your co-workers and be a valuable part of the team. It will help you build wonderful relationships with workmates and bosses. When you prefer to reduce or avoid communication during the lunch hour with your workmates or don’t bond with them during the free time, you run the risk of not being seen as a team player.

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7 “That’s what she said”

Surely, humor and laughter in the office can reduce stress and provide many other benefits. But, for God’s sake, don’t use this annoying joke. Try to keep dirty jokes and some kinds of flirtations out of the office. Sometimes, bad humor can also alienate co-workers and create a more hostile work environment. Don’t be the source of this annoying phrase in your office.

Nowadays, many people have to work in the offices and stick to certain rules. It is desirable to be aware of all possible behaviors, which can lead to personal conflicts and spoil the reputation. What other things and behaviors can affect your reputation and lead to unhappy results?