Office Wars: Common Issues and Simple Solutions

An office space is a fragile work environment. Often, people’s ways of thinking and behaviors clash with that of others. With all of the time spent together in such a space, it is inevitable that some warring will occur between coworkers. There are several common problems that occur in the office, but all have solutions to alleviate some of the tension.

The air conditioner conflicts

Every person’s body is different, and not everyone appreciates the same temperatures. When it comes to the thermostat setting, people’s varying comfort levels can easily turn it into a battle site. It is important to remember that the office is not home. Although sometimes it feels like home due to the amount of hours spent there, it is a shared space, and everyone deserves an equal amount of comfort.

To avoid conflict over the air conditioner, keep in mind the usual office temperature while dressing in the morning. Or, keep an extra sweater at the office. The best solution is to find a median temperature that all can agree on. If that isn’t possible, take turns with the thermostat.

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The coffee pot conflicts

In addition to frigid temperatures, an empty coffee pot has the potential to incite a bit of an office rage. Everyone loves coffee, but no one loves to make it. The easiest way to keep the peace regarding the coffee pot is to create a coffee-making schedule.

It is a simple solution that reduces unnecessary bickering. The schedule should be an even and fair rotation of the duty. Also, out of respect, the person who takes the last drop from the pot should offer to make more for any interested parties.

The copy machine conflicts

Other pieces of equipment that are often responsible for office quarrels are the printer and the copy machine. Arguments and frustrations arise when a person uses these machines, relieves them of paper, and does not refill the paper supply.

It is inconvenient for anybody to take the time to refill the machine; however it is the simplest, most respectful, and most obvious way to deal with this office problem. Respect others and implement and obey the simple rule of replacing what you use every time you use it.

The promotion conflicts

A less simple office problem to deal with is the issue of competing for promotion by being the first one to arrive at work and the last to leave. This is a difficult one to work out, but if you don’t try, it will result in constant one-upping. That is unflattering to all players. Try to focus on your work performance and not on your co-worker’s performance.

Show your dedication to the company and your duties by doing your job well. If you choose to come in early and leave late, do it in a manner that is feasible to you. Make sure it does not wreak havoc on your life because it will affect your job performance. Compete with yourself, not your co-worker.

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Although offices are often places where the simplest things cause unsavory behavior among workers, they don’t have to be. Everyone pitching in to create a calm environment makes the days smooth and tolerable. No one wants a tense and argumentative place to work. A collaborative effort to make small changes will have big, positive results.