7 Amazingly Inspiring Baking Blogs

Feb 17, 2016

Baking is hard, and nobody wants to admit that. The real trick is finding a blog that speaks with you and can explain things in a way you can understand. You might find it with the professional, the wildcard, or the International… but each blog has something to give and has a voice you can follow along with. Every blog is different, just like the person who wrote it. Some of these blogs are very popular, but some are like hidden gems.

1. Bakerella

This blog has been around since before I can remember. It has a massive amount of recipes, great photos, and a great search engine. Bakerella is a cake-pop queen and is a real heavy-hitter in the industry, with published books to go along with it. Bakerella is a real baking blogger, and you will not convince me otherwise.

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