7 Amazingly Inspiring Baking Blogs

Aug 27, 2020

Baking is hard, and nobody wants to admit that. The real trick is finding a blog that speaks with you and can explain things in a way you can understand. You might find it with the professional, the wildcard, or the International… but each blog has something to give and has a voice you can follow along with.

Every blog is different, just like the person who wrote it. Some of these baking blogs are very popular, but some are like hidden gems.

1 Bakerella

This blog has been around since before I can remember. It has a massive amount of recipes, great photos, and a great search engine.

Bakerella is a cake-pop queen and is a real heavy-hitter in the industry, with published books to go along with it.

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Bakerella is a real baking blogger, and you will not convince me otherwise.

2 Raspberri Cupcakes

This fun blogger from Sydney, Australia, is just chock-full of pictures, tutorials, and lots of show-stopping desserts for you to try. The recipes are all in metric, though, so if you are a resident of the good ole USA, you might want to invest in a digital scale that will measure out grams for you.

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She makes lots of macarons, so if you would like to get creative with those, Raspberri Cupcakes is your perfect source of inspiration.

3 Baking Obsession

This one is full of pictures, cool decorating guides on cakes, and a good amount of recipes. Granted, it seems that it has not been updated recently, but with the slew of recipes found on the blog alone, you will not get through them all in one afternoon.

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I have been following Baking Obsession for awhile, and though it is slowed down in production, it is still a reliable go-to.

4 Wanna B. Gourmande

The blog looks like MySpace circa 2005 threw up all over it, but has much more of a slice-of-life approach to baking and cooking.

You follow along with her professional life as a Chef in her hometown of Kansas City, sprinkled in with lots of baking (and cooking) techniques for the more advanced approaches, as well as some restaurant reviews here and there.

Wanna B. Gourmande is honestly more of a lifestyle blog than anything, but the gluten-free recipes and baking techniques are solid.

5 Cookie Dough & Regret: Baking and Shame

This girl is your BFF. No, really, she is. She is a New York resident, hilarious, shameful, and is your total inner self when you are on your period. She has got some great pictures, a cookbook or two, and lots of recipes. You may not find her blog to be the most informative, but you will definitely be keeping you entertained.

Again, this is a more slice-of-life approach to baking, but she is more like a living eCard that will give you a cake recipe now and again. You might even count her as the Wildcard, but she’s honestly so funny, you’ll want her to be your BFF.

6 Baking A Moment

Allie, a former pastry chef, has put together a really great blog to help guide you through your baking adventure.

This one is full of basics and plenty of videos for you visual learners. Her photos are absolutely out of this world, so you will definitely have some fun just browsing through and looking at all of the beautiful pictures.

7 Bake at 350

Bake at 350 specializes in cookies and decorating them. This does not mean that she is a one-trick pony by any means. That being said, this blog has a giant index of cookies and how to decorate them using royal icing.

This is not an easy technique, but does produce professional-looking results. You should bookmark this one above all others, especially if you ae looking to hone your techniques. Did I mention this one has a savory section, too? Yes, it is a definite bookmark for your browser.

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All of these baking blogs will definitely inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen baking delicious treats for yourself, boyfriend, kids or friends. If you have your own baking blog, let us know about it. We women have a tendency to inspire each other so let’s keep doing it even when it comes to the kitchen issues.