7 Baking Apps to Help You Bake Like a Pro

With all the chemicals store-bought cookies, cakes and other treats have in them, more and more people start developing their baking skills. Baking is not my thing, but I do realize that this is the only healthy way to indulge my sweet tooth. Needless to say, nothing makes my home smell better and homier than the scent of a freshly-baked pie, cake, bread or cookies.

Since I am totally addictive to my phone, I always take a full advantage of this addiction. I have downloaded some of these fantastic baking apps and now I bake every other day. My family is happy. My friends are happy. And, of course, my tummy is happy. If you are planning to master the art of baking, give the following apps a try:

1 Perfect Bake

It was really difficult to find free baking apps, but luckily I found several and here is the one that everyone can afford to download. The Perfect Bake app will help you weigh every ingredient for accuracy and alert you when you are done mixing, baking, and cooling.

The app features hundreds of incredible recipes created and tested by professional chefs. When you are on a budget and have few ingredients in your kitchen, choose the Pantry feature and see what you can make using the ingredients you already have in your own pantry. This useful app is free.