8 Foods to Eat to Relieve Constipation

With a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, more and more people are suffering from irregular bowel movements. There are many reasons for constipation, including stress and digestive issues, but wrong eating habits are the biggest culprit. Thus, there is a group of food that can help you reduce the symptoms of constipation. But make sure you consult a doctor if you experience a chronic constipation.

1. Strawberries

Rich in vitamin C, strawberries are well-known for their immune-boosting properties. The high amounts of soluble fiber found in strawberry seeds helps to relieve constipation in a natural way. A handful of strawberries a day will be enough to keep your bowel movements regular.

2. Yogurt

Even though dairy products tend to worsen the symptoms of constipation, yogurt can do otherwise. It contain probiotics, which are good bacteria that keep your gut system healthy. Make sure you buy a sugar-free version or make your own yogurt at home.

3. Prunes

One of the richest sources of dihydrophenylisatin, prunes act like a natural laxative that helps muscles contractions. There is also sorbitol found in prunes that serves as a laxative as well. Avoid prunes if you are sensitive to all sugar substitutes.

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4. Oatmeal

Perhaps the most popular breakfast choice after eggs, oatmeal is another meal to eat when you suffer from constipation. It eases digestion and aids in balancing cholesterol levels as well as is considered a heart-healthy food.

5. Ground flaxseed

Ground flaxseed is a wonderful source of fiber. There are about three grams of soluble fiber in one tablespoon. You can add ground flaxseed to lots of meals and smoothies to reap its health benefits.

6. Black beans

One cup of black beans provides your body with more than 15 grams of soluble fiber, which plays a vital role in bowel movements. Additionally, black beans are fortified with protein that is easy to digest.

7. Broccoli

When you do not eat enough vegetables, you tend to constipate more frequently, however not all veggies aids digestion. Broccoli, on the other hand, contains about 10% of your recommended daily intake of dietary fiber in one cup, ensuring healthy digestion.

8. Almonds

Rich in healthy fats, almonds are chock-full of other essential nutrients, including soluble fiber. Moderation is needed, though. Aim to consume no more than a handful of unsalted almonds per day.

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If you are experiencing chronic constipation, adding these foods to your eating plan will not be enough. See your doctor as soon as possible and reconsider your lifestyle and eating habits to encourage a healthy intestinal movement.

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