6 Ways to Skillfully Sneak Seeds into Your Meals

Jun 29, 2017

When you are trying to eat healthfully, one of the best things you can do is make sure the meals you are eating have a high level of nutrients. Sure, you can eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, but you are missing out if you are not including seeds in your daily diet. Seeds do make for an excellent snack, but even something that tasty can get tired when presented the same way, day in and day out.

You can trick your palate and boost your health by creatively tucking super seeds like pumpkin, flax, chia, hemp, and sunflower seeds into your meals. It is a lot easier and non-intrusive than you imagine it to be. Here is how.

1 Bake them into lemon poppy seed muffins

The sweet lemony flavor along with the poppy seeds makes chia seeds blend seamlessly into these muffins. This is a great way to get kids to get a big dose of calcium, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and folate. While muffins are not exactly well known for being a healthy choice, tossing super seeds into the mix will definitely change their reputation.

2 Make your own multigrain bread

Super seeds are a natural fit for fresh-baked bread. Sunflower seeds, in particular, add just the right dimension of texture and flavor, plus they add more vitamin E and protein. Try them in your favorite bread recipe.

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3 Use it as an egg substitute when baking

If you have not figured it out by now, seeds really are an excellent addition to baked goods. If you want to create baked goods without using eggs, try replacing an egg in your next baking recipe by using one three tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of flaxseed meal. With omega-3 fatty acids, you will be baking up brain-boosting power.

4 Make a chia seed smoothie

Chia seeds are made for smoothies because they will not alter the texture. If you have never had them before, they look like strawberry seeds. Or you can soak the chia seeds and make a smoothie pudding.

5 Start your day off even better

Dieticians have long boasted about the healthful benefits of eating oatmeal. If you want to make that morning bowl of oatmeal do even more for you, add a couple tablespoons of hemp seeds to it as you mix in the hot water. Hemp seeds become soft with the hot water, just as the rest of the oats do. Plus, they lower your cholesterol and give you improved hair and skin.

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6 Use flaxseed oil for your next salad dressing base

Please do not buy that store-bought salad dressing. You are better than that. You can make your own tastier and healthier dressings with ingredients you can actually pronounce. Try mixing flaxseed oil with vinegar and spices for a salad dressing that tastes amazing and adds more fiber, vitamin B12, and manganese to your bowl of leafy greens.

What seeds do you like the best? How do you get more of them into your diet? Tell us!