5 Reasons to Start Your Day with Pudding Smoothie

Brace yourselves… there is a new food group that is taking the breakfast scene by storm and you are going to love it. Pudding smoothie is a sweet way to turn breakfast into dessert in a healthy way. And best of all, it tastes so incredible that you will be shocked at how healthy it is for you.

The pudding part comes from soaked chia seeds which take on a gel-like quality after sitting in liquid for a while, resulting in a pudding texture. The end result is nothing short of delicious. So now that you know about this cool new breakfast trend, here is why you should totally get in on it.

1 Pudding smoothie fills you up

Because the pudding portion is made with chia seeds, pudding smoothie will keep you feeling full and satisfied until it is time for lunch. You will not miss a mid-morning snack because you will be pleasantly full from your pudding smoothie and have lots of energy to keep going until the next meal.

2 There are endless combinations

Just like regular smoothies, pudding smoothie can come in many flavors. You are really only limited by your imagination here, but you can also find a ton of exciting and easy recipes online.

Some only require three ingredients. For example, try soaking chia seeds in coconut milk and blended with raspberries for an indulgent, satisfying yet completely healthy breakfast.

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3 Chia seeds are full of nutrients

Chia seeds have vitamins and minerals bursting from them and are filled with antioxidants. So eating pudding smoothie for breakfast means you are really nourishing your body with what it needs.

4 It can help you lose weight

So many people make the mistake of skipping breakfast only to gobble down more calories later in the day when they feel pekid. Others eat too many calories and fats for breakfast without a lot of nourishment along with it.

By switching to pudding smoothies, you will satisfy your sweet cravings and fill yourself up for longer, all the while reaping the healthy benefits of eating a balanced meal.

5 Pudding smoothie can help you improve your exercise functionality

In order to have a good workout, you need to fuel your body well. That is where pudding smoothie can help. Because of the chia seeds and all the nutrients they contain along with the healthy benefits of fruit and the other smoothie ingredients, you are giving your body exactly what it needs and nothing that it doesn’t.

That means your body will operate as efficiently as possible while you train, whether you are running, lifting weights or playing tennis.

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Harness the unbelievable healthy benefits of chia seeds and fall in love with breakfast again by trying out pudding smoothie today. What flavor will you try first?

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