11 Nutrient-Dense Green Smoothies

Jul 14, 2021

Green smoothie isn’t a trend anymore. It’s a healthy drink that we should be having more often than ever. Green smoothie is quite helpful in a few ways if you are looking to shed pounds or detoxify your body. Gone are the days of tasteless and disgusting green smoothies. Give some of these recipes a try, and green smoothie will become your favorite drink for good.

1 Yellow and Green Delight

If you’re looking to try a green smoothie that is quite helpful in a few ways, this yellow and green delight will make you fall in love with green drinks and reconsider your eating habits. To make this delight, you will need the following yellow and green ingredients: pineapple, apple, fresh lemon juice, kiwi, spinach, dandelion leaves, and water or Greek yogurt (I use water, but many recommend using fat-free yogurt.)

2 Spinach Mango Banana Smoothie

Love this green smoothie for its extremely useful benefits. It tastes delicious and keeps me full till lunchtime. The reason why I drink the smoothie in the morning is because of its high nutrient content. Not only does it help me boost my energy level, it also helps to speed up my metabolism and improve my skin texture as well. Toss banana, mango, baby spinach and yogurt or water into blender, and blend until smooth.

3 Green Oatmeal

Have you ever tried green oatmeal with fruits and coconut flakes? This new type of breakfast is a tasty way to get a healthy mixture of nutrients that your body needs in the morning. Green oatmeal will fill you up, boost your mood and energize you for the whole day. Place gluten-free rolled oats, spinach and kale mixture, water, kiwifruit and banana in your blender. Blend until smooth. Serve with fruit of your choice and coconut flakes.

4 Kiwi Spinach Smoothie

One green ingredient plus another green ingredient equals a healthy and tasty green drink. This smoothie is perfect for people who hate apples and bananas. Plus, it’s a lot easier and quicker to make than those I mentioned before. Just blend kiwi, spinach and a little bit of water together and enjoy your 100% healthy kiwi spinach smoothie whenever you wish.

5 Kiwi Apple Celery Smoothie

If kiwi spinach smoothie sounds too simple or you’re getting bored with spinach drinks, kiwi apple celery smoothie will definitely shake up your breakfast or lunchtime. The basic ingredients include kiwi, celery and apple of your choice. There’s no need to add water to this smoothie. Fresh lime or lemon juice is optional.

6 Avocado Smoothies

When it comes to avocado smoothies, the ingredient list is endless. You can use green apples, pears, bananas, celery, kale, spinach or even berries in your plain avocado smoothie. I can’t stop experimenting with avocado smoothies… well, maybe because I’m a big avocado junkie. Anyway, give it a whirl, you won’t regret it.

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7 Instant Energy Boosting Smoothie

Crave an instant boost of energy? No worries. Forget about coffee and black tea. Grab your blender and create a smoothie that will revitalize your energy level in a jiff. You will need cucumber, spinach, kale, chia seeds, ginger and strawberries or any other berries you have in the fridge.

8 Vitamin C Green Smoothie

This smoothie helps to improve the immune system and survive the cold and flu season. Spinach, orange, strawberry, and kiwi are all rich in vitamin C as well as other nutrients and antioxidants that are good for you. Although a vitamin C smoothie isn’t intensely green, it’s absolutely healthy!

9 Green Apple Smoothie

Creamy and packed with healthy nutrients, this one isn’t for everyone because of its taste. The taste of a green apple smoothie is a bit different, but it’s incredibly healthy and ideal for people trying to lose weight or detoxify the body. The ingredient list includes green apples, spinach or kale and water.

10 Fennel Cucumber Smoothie

Fennel and cucumber are among the most underrated superfoods out there. Both contain powerful antioxidants that help to ward off various diseases including cancer. Chop the fennel (use the bulb), cucumber, kale and apple to create a super healthy, anti-inflammatory green smoothie. Add some herbs, lime juice and celery for a better taste. I love to add basil and mint to this smoothie.

11 Green Smoothie with Seeds

Packed with disease-fighting antioxidants, this poppy and sesame seed smoothie is certainly what I want to wake up to in the morning. Make your favorite green smoothie and add poppy, sesame or any other seeds you have in your pantry. Those tiny seeds will make your drink even healthier.

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Green smoothies are known for their fantastic health and weight loss benefits. Instead of drinking sugar packed juices and soda or caffeinated like coffee and tea, enjoy a glass of green smoothie. You will instantly feel the difference. Are you a green smoothie junkie? Do you love experimenting with green ingredients?