11 Nutrient-Dense Green Smoothies

Jan 4, 2016

Green smoothie isn’t a trend anymore. It’s a healthy drink that we should be having more often than ever. Green smoothie is quite helpful in a few ways if you are looking to shed pounds or detoxify your body. Gone are the days of tasteless and disgusting green smoothies. Give some of these recipes a try and green smoothie will become your favorite drink for good.

1 Yellow and Green Delight

If you’re looking to try a green smoothie that is quite helpful in a few ways, this yellow and green delight will make you fall in love with green drinks and reconsider your eating habits. To make this delight, you will need the following yellow and green ingredients: pineapple, apple, fresh lemon juice, kiwi, spinach, dandelion leaves, and water or Greek yogurt (I use water, but many recommend using fat-free yogurt.)