11 Delicious Foods to Make in a Blender

Jul 25, 2014

When it comes to the delicious foods to make in a blender, it’s easy to stuck in a rut. While those healthy smoothies and tasty shakes are incredible, your blender is perfect for a great number of other healthy and delicious dishes. Just a little creativity and a few ingredients, and you will make a great variety of savory meals in a jiff. Here are a few super delicious foods you can try to make in your blender.

1 Vegan ice cream

If you are vegan, you may look for ways to make a non-dairy ice cream alternative. The great news is, you can make your ice cream in your blender. People with dairy allergies and vegans blend up frozen bananas to get a rich and creamy non-diary ice cream. Even if you are not vegan, give it a try. You will like it, I promise!