9 Most Delicious Ways to Eat More Berries

Oct 20, 2022

Berries are among the healthiest fruits you can eat daily to improve your health. They are bright, flavorful and incredibly sweet superfruits, which are high in Vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber, and low in sugar. While it’s great to snack on berries plain or add them to your smoothies, there are a few more unique and delicious way to eat more berries on a daily basis.

1 Grilled berries

Have you ever tried grilled berries? While you can grill blueberries and blackberries, I suggest you to grill strawberries since they are larger and easier to use than smaller berries. Place some strawberries on the skewers, grill for about 2-3 minutes and enjoy this delicious snack with dark chocolate or frozen yogurt.

2 Omelet with berries

Yes, you read that right. You can add your favorite berries to your breakfast omelet. Just place some sliced berries on top of the omelet when you are finished, and enjoy a healthy breakfast. You can also add some berries on top of scrambled eggs. Give it a try, you will like it, I promise!

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3 Berries in salad dressings

If you are going to make a salad dressing, consider using berries. Raspberries will make any salad dressing tastier and healthier. Just blend ½ cup olive oil with ¼ cup of fresh or frozen raspberries, a teaspoon of honey, a little lemon juice, black pepper, and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar for a delicious salad dressing, which is also great as a dip for vegetables.

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4 Salads with berries

One of the most delicious and fresh ways to eat more berries is to add them to your salads. I personally like grilled chicken in a salad with some sliced blackberries and strawberries. This salad is perfect for lunch or dinner and it boasts numerous health benefits. Make a salad with your favorite berries, mixed greens and lean protein, and add some cucumber, slivered almonds, and black pepper, if needed.

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5 Berry sandwich

Berry sandwich is quick and easy to make. You simply use some berries such as strawberries, blueberries or raspberries instead of jam. Start with layering some sprouted grain bread with sliced berries and then add some cinnamon and almond butter to make a delis breakfast sandwich or a healthy lunch for your child.

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6 Berry sorbet

Berry sorbet is amazingly tasty and healthy and sometimes even better that a smoothie. Blend 2 cups of frozen berries with ¼ cup of almond milk, and you will have a thick, yummy sorbet in just a few seconds. If you use fresh berries in your sorbet, consider adding a few ice cubes. Berry sorbet is a wonderful replacement to smoothie and ice cream.

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7 Fruit-flavored yogurt

Store bought fruit-flavored yogurts contain lots of added sugars, preservatives, artificial colors and flavours, so why not make your own fruit-flavored yogurt at home? It’s easy to make – just blend your favorite fresh or frozen berries with some plain yogurt and you will have a healthier version of those store bought fruit-flavored yogurts.

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8 Dip berries in yogurt

Berries and yogurt make a great, healthy snack to eat any time of the day. Mix some plain Greek yogurt with some liquid vanilla stevia and a dash of vanilla extract. A sweet dip for your favorite berries is ready! This makes a healthy snack for children as well.

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9 Add them to water

One of my favorite ways to eat more berries is to add them to water. You can add some berries to your water or soak a cup of berries overnight in a pitcher of four cups of water and put it in the fridge. You will have a yummy, calorie-free infused water to drink throughout the day. For additional flavor, you can add mint, basil or a squeeze of lime or lemon.

Now that you’re aware of some of the most delicious ways to eat more berries, what are you waiting for? Try out a few of these tips and feel free to share your own ideas. What are your favorite ways to eat more berries?