7 Easy Ways to Eat a Low-Carb Breakfast

Oct 19, 2022

Whether you are trying to lose weight or just want to eat healthier in the morning, there are many health benefits of having a low-carb breakfast. Researches have shown that beginning the day out with more protein than carbohydrates can prevent fatigue, boost mental focus, curb sugar cravings, suppress appetite, better insulin levels and increase lean body mass. Plus, it can also help lose weight. Here are a few easy ways to eat a low-carb breakfast.

1 Smoothies

If you usually start your day with a healthy smoothie, make it even healthier by using ¼ cup fruit. Add cucumber, stevia, spinach, and a dash of cocoa powder to your smoothie to make it sweeter. When choosing fruits for your smoothie, make sure you use low sugar berries such as blackberries, raspberries and acai instead of banana.

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2 Oatmeal

If you are an oatmeal junkie like me, you probably start your day with a warm bowl of oatmeal. When it comes to oatmeal, one of the best ways to eat a low-carb breakfast is to use ¼ cup oats rather than ½ cup and cook them with egg whites and almond milk (or coconut flour and chia seeds if you are vegan) in order to thicken your oatmeal up. It will lower the carb content and boost the protein content at the same time.

3 Veggies

Veggies boast plenty of health benefits so it’s definitely worth adding them to your breakfast. Add some leafy greens to your morning smoothie or toss some peppers or asparagus into your eggs. Veggies are high in fiber that helps lower your blood sugar and control insulin surges that cause weight gain. You can use veggies to replace meat in different recipes.

4 Eggs

Eggs are a great food that you can use to make your low-carb breakfast. In case you don’t like whole eggs, you can use only the whites by pouring them in your smoothie or just stir them into your oatmeal. They are rich in protein, they are tasteless, and they can help you reduce your sugar cravings in no time!

5 Protein powder

A protein powder is really helpful for making a low-carb breakfast. Opt for a high quality protein powder that doesn’t contain sugar, artificial ingredients, and that is low in carbs and fat. You can stir it into your oatmeal, add a little to your smoothie, or bake with it instead of flour to make pancakes and muffins.

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6 Coffee

If you can’t imagine your morning without a cup of coffee, keep it to only one cup. While one cup of coffee a day can improve insulin, a few cups can spike insulin levels just like sugar can. You might want to consider drinking green tea instead of coffee.

7 Avoid cream and sugar

One of the easiest ways to eat a low-carb breakfast is to add unsweetened coconut or almond milk to your coffee instead of cream and use stevia in place of sugar. For a morning mocha, try adding a dash of cocoa powder.

Eating a low-carb breakfast isn’t as difficult as you might think. When made right, a low-carb breakfast can be incredibly satisfying and delicious! Moreover, you don’t have to count those unwanted calories. Having a high protein breakfast is actually one of the best things to do for your health. Do you eat a low-carb breakfast?