7 Reasons to Eat Breakfast Every Single Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there are many undeniable reasons why you should never skip your breakfast no matter what. The most vital reason is because it betters your health. However, your breakfast must be absolutely healthy and it should provide you with the energy and nutrients your body needs for the day. Many of us, myself included, often skip this important meal, but here are 7 reasons why you and I should stop doing it.

1 Eating breakfast daily improves your health

Having a healthy breakfast every single day improves your health, helps regulate the insulin level, reduces the risk of diabetes and lowers the risk of obesity. Making your health a priority is a must, so make sure your breakfast consists of healthy food only. There are many other health benefits of eating a healthy breakfast daily, keep reading…

2 Boosts your energy levels

Eating your breakfast every single day sets the stage for a good mood. A great number of studies have shown that people who eat their breakfast regularly have more energy and a better mood throughout the day. Just ensure you make a healthy choice such as egg whites to keep your energy levels high.

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3 Boosts your metabolism

Another important reason to eat breakfast daily is because it gives your metabolism a boost. Breakfast is essential if you want to have an active metabolism. Studies show that people who don’t eat breakfast often eat more calories throughout the day, thus they gain weight faster. Do you really want it?

4 Fuels your exercise

Depending on the time of your workout and your workout level, eating before you exercise is very helpful. I always eat breakfast before workout, especially if it’s a high intensity extended workout such as a distance run or long interval training. I suggest you try exercising with and without breakfast and see the difference. I get up at 5:30 in the morning every day and I really enjoy having my breakfast and working out early in the morning. But sometimes I don’t feel like eating so early in the morning. In this case, I eat an apple before I exercise and it also helps fuel my workout. Give it a try!

5 Helps lose weight

If you are trying to lose those unwanted pounds, you should never skip your breakfast. Again, studies prove that those who have a healthy breakfast daily lose weight quicker. However, you should avoid eating a sugar laden cereal or sugary donut for breakfast. Opt for lean protein such as scrambled egg whites, egg whites, or oatmeal.

6 Improves brain function

One of the most wonderful health benefits of having breakfast is that it improves your brain function. This means you are more alert, you think clearer, and you are more effective. Breakfast is incredibly easy to make, so why we skip it? Just wake up earlier, make an egg white omelet, a healthy green shake or just boil some eggs, and you will feel much better during the day.

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7 Helps you eat healthier throughout the day

When you consume protein for breakfast, it keeps you full for longer and helps set the stage for a happy and healthy day. Many people feel hungry after eating breakfast because their breakfast is unhealthy. But when you make the healthier choice, 2 hours after breakfast, an apple will be everything you’ll want to eat for a snack and you won’t even think of eating that sugar laden cereal bar.

Now that you’re aware of the reasons to eat breakfast every day, make sure you begin your day with a healthy breakfast. Do you know any other things that I should have added to my list? What do you usually eat for breakfast?

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