10 Ways to Make Your Breakfast Eggs Delightfully Delicious

We have all heard that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, but how many of us actually take the time to sit down and enjoy a home-cooked breakfast? Life is too busy with all the commitments we have on our plates today; who has time for breakfast?

In the past, eggs were considered to be linked to heart disease because of the cholesterol, but lately, studies have found that it is not the cholesterol that is the problem. It is the saturated fat found in foods that we need to watch.

So, now that we can worry a little bit less about eggs causing us problems, we need to tackle the time crunch issue so we can enjoy our eggs as part of a healthy breakfast. We just need to understand how important having breakfast is and how eggs are a healthy choice.

Eggs are a great source of protein which gives us the energy we need to perform our daily tasks with ease. They are also jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, and iron, which are all vital to your body.

If that does not motivate you to make eating breakfast a priority, then maybe knowing that eggs are great for weight loss might. Eggs are low in calories. They are also filled with protein which helps you feel full. These are the top ten simple ways to make your eggs yummy:

1 Ketchup

Good old fashioned ketchup is a popular one for people. Those who love tomatoes often love to put ketchup on just about anything. I have seen people put ketchup on mashed potatoes even. If you like ketchup, maybe give it a try on your scrambled eggs.

2 Bearnaise or Hollandaise sauce

Bearnaise or Hollandaise sauce is often a favorite among egg-lovers. Those whose favorite eggs are Benedict style swear by these sauces. Give one a try if you like Eggs Benedict. Bearnaise sauce is made of clarified butter, emulsified in egg yolks and white wine vinegar. Add herbs of your choice.

3 Cheese

Cheese is a great addition to eggs and no wonder why – it can turn the boring fried eggs into tasty breakfast in a jiff. Try a different cheese than cheddar like Brie, Swiss, or Monterey Jack for a new taste. There are so many to experiment with.

4 Sriracha sauce or paprika

For the spicy fans, sriracha sauce or paprika are great to add to any type of eggs you make. Sriracha sauce is made of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt. Paprika is an all-time favorite often put on deviled eggs, but can be a nice touch to any eggs you make. They are both great for any foods any time of the day as well. People can’t get enough.

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5 Hot mustard

Another favorite spicy addition loved with eggs is hot mustard. Mix it in with your recipe and be sure try it with hard-boiled, deviled eggs. Yes, you can eat hard-boiled eggs for breakfast.

6 Salsa or picante sauce

For a little Mexican flavor, top your eggs with salsa or picante sauce. The thick and chunky kind gives the eggs more texture as well as flavor. Not a bad way to start a day, huh?

7 Pesto

Italian food fans love to put Pesto made with Genovese basil, coarse salt, garlic, Ligurian extra virgin olive oil, European pine nuts (sometimes toasted) and a grated cheese like Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano on top of their eggs.

8 Tabasco sauce

Another simple and popular condiment to top eggs off is Tabasco sauce (red or green). Oftentimes people who are not big fans of eggs use the sauce to add amazing flavor and light the taste buds up.

9 Herbs

Popular herbs like thyme, rosemary, tarragon, oregano, and chives are the perfect ingredients to add to any omelet or scrambled egg dish. You can also top your fried eggs with fresh dill or parsley.

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10 Bacon

Everyone’s favorite? Bacon! What goes great with eggs can also go well in eggs. Scrambled, omelet, fried, however you like, bacon is a scrumptious addition! Though if you are a vegetarian, consider the options mentioned above.

There you have it. All the reasons why you need to make breakfast a priority in the mornings and start your day off right with a healthy diet starting with eggs. Now, let’s make them so temptingly delicious you will wonder why you did not start eating them sooner for breakfast every day.