8 Things to Eat and Drink on Christmas Morning

Nov 29, 2019

Christmas Day, for most people, is both long and full of activity, with the primary activity being eating. On Christmases past, I have made the common mistake of eating chocolate for breakfast, starting on the alcohol too early, and making myself feel horribly nauseous by mid-afternoon.

More recently I have been approaching the day as a marathon, not a sprint, preparing ahead of time. It can be so tempting to just get stuck into all the sweet stuff. But these things are definitely best enjoyed in moderation. So let’s talk about preparation.

If you fuel yourself up in the morning then you will not crash and fall asleep on the sofa. And speaking from experience here, you will not have a terrible food and drink hangover on Boxing Day. A Terry’s chocolate orange is not part of your 5 a day – even at this magical time of year. Here are eight things to fuel up on in the morning to keep you at your festive best.

1 Slow-release carbs

You want a steady release of energy to keep you going until lunchtime and stop you picking at the chocolate. A low-sugar breakfast cereal, or something with bread will keep you blood sugar levels steady. If you are going to indulge in something naughty then go for it, but have it after your slow-release carbs so that you do not end up riding the blood sugar roller-coaster.