8 Things to Eat and Drink on Christmas Morning

Nov 29, 2019

Christmas Day, for most people, is both long and full of activity, with the primary activity being eating. On Christmases past, I have made the common mistake of eating chocolate for breakfast, starting on the alcohol too early, and making myself feel horribly nauseous by mid-afternoon.

More recently I have been approaching the day as a marathon, not a sprint, preparing ahead of time. It can be so tempting to just get stuck into all the sweet stuff. But these things are definitely best enjoyed in moderation. So let’s talk about preparation.

If you fuel yourself up in the morning then you will not crash and fall asleep on the sofa. And speaking from experience here, you will not have a terrible food and drink hangover on Boxing Day. A Terry’s chocolate orange is not part of your 5 a day – even at this magical time of year. Here are eight things to fuel up on in the morning to keep you at your festive best.

1 Slow-release carbs

You want a steady release of energy to keep you going until lunchtime and stop you picking at the chocolate. A low-sugar breakfast cereal, or something with bread will keep you blood sugar levels steady. If you are going to indulge in something naughty then go for it, but have it after your slow-release carbs so that you do not end up riding the blood sugar roller-coaster.

2 Protein

A great accompaniment to your slow-release carbs is something protein rich to keep you feeling full all morning. Milk, natural yogurt, peanut butter, eggs or bacon are all great options. Okay, bacon is not something usually recommended from a health perspective, but it is Christmas, and I am not judging. Today is for celebrating, after all. I believe in all things in moderation. But do what works for you.

3 Hydrate

We all tend to wake up dehydrated. Many of us, myself included, have a bad habit of reaching for the caffeine before rehydrating first. But today is a day that you will put your digestion to the test. Prepare yourself for the midday feast and the festive tipples by getting off on the right foot. Drinking water first thing in the morning will get you off to a good start.

4 Fiber-rich fruit

This is a really important one, and can be festive too. Fiber is going to keep your digestion moving, and the vitamin boost is great during cold and flu season. Festive clementines are a lovely fresh option. Or how about dried dates and figs for something different? If you opt for juice instead then you will still get some soluble fiber, but the insoluble fiber is lost in the juicing process, so is not quite as good as whole fruit.

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5 Do not forget your vitamins

With all the rush and excitement on Christmas morning it is so easy to get distracted and forget your normal routine. Personally, I take a magnesium supplement every day to ward off migraines, and vitamin D in the darker months of the year to help my energy levels.

I think the Christmas season is an especially important time to boost your health. When we are indoors all day and mostly sedentary our whole body starts to feel it. I know that for myself, being too sedentary is a migraine trigger.

A little tip about magnesium, it is not just for migraine. If you suffer with constipation then it is a nice and gentle alternative to laxatives. You will thank me on Boxing Day. But be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any supplements.

6 How about a probiotic?

A probiotic yogurt drink, or tablets if you prefer, can really help your digestive health and immune system. With all the family gathered around you, keeping your defenses up against the winter sniffles is good for them and for you.

7 Healthy snacks

If you can’t resist the siren song of the festive snack, then I feel your pain. It is so tempting, and the big Christmas day lunch is always later than planned – or is that just in my house?

But seriously, waiting for hours while you can smell the food cooking can be torturous. So how about some healthy snacks to tide you over? Roasted chestnuts are a traditional Christmas snack, and much healthier than the chocolates that we can’t seem to get away from at this time of year.

8 Herbal tea

I know we have already covered water, but I cannot advise you to hydrate enough. If you only do one healthy thing for yourself on Christmas day, make it to stay hydrated. Everything works better when you do. It is not just about digestion, all of your internal organs are happier when you are taking in enough fluid.

And alcohol does not count, sorry. But great news, I have found a herbal tea that sort of tastes like alcohol. Try lavender and Echinacea for something that tastes a little bit like mulled wine, but is ultimately more refreshing.

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When the Christmas lunch is finally ready, you will be able to enjoy it if you started your day well. With a bit of planning it is absolutely possible to enjoy the day without overdoing it on sugar and alcohol. You can have fun and still feel good the next day.