5 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Party Games

Jan 4, 2023

February is a beautiful time most people associate with Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day. The holiday is awaited with enthusiasm and joy because it symbolizes love and manifestation. Both girls and guys are preparing for it with all responsibility.

It is lovely if you decide to spend the evening alone with your loved one. But it will also be great to spend this day with friends and remember how a romantic relationship began with you and your loved ones. But in any case, for a party arranged on Valentine’s Day to be successful and memorable for all its participants, you need to consider great entertainment or come up with an exciting scenario.

However, with buying and wrapping gifts, cooking a romantic dinner for a significant other, throwing a fun party for friends, making your own valentines and decorations, and experimenting with makeup and dresses, the last thing you want to think about is Valentine’s Day party games.

Need help? Take a look at the party game ideas below, and you will have a sign of relief. These games are just perfect for everyone – from kids to adults. You can even play them with your partner.

1 Silly compliment

Write down 20 (or more) romantic and love words on 20 little pieces of paper. Some of the words are lips, relationship, passion, rings, flowers, candles, moonlight, heart etc. Take another 20 little pieces of paper and write down some ridiculous, weird, or fun words like a pocket mirror, snow shovel, slowcooker, broom, scissors etc.

Put those papers in separate jars. Draw a card from each jar so that you have a romantic word and a weird word. When both of you have 2 words each, try to create a strange love compliment, sentence or poem like ‘your lips are like scissors.’ Although this party game was created for couples, you can make it kid-friendly as well. Simply change the words.

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2 Paper dance game

For this game, you will need some old newspapers. Give each couple a newspaper. Have each couple dance on the newspaper when the music starts to play. The couple that steps out leaves the game. Stop the music a few times and each time ask every couple to fold the newspaper into half. The winner is the couple that will dance on the newspaper longer than others without stepping out.

3 Apple dance game

Want to make your Valentine’s Day game even more complicated? The apple dance game is your best bet. Choose a little or medium-sized apple and start the game. The couple should dance together while balancing an apple between their foreheads. If you drop the apple while dancing, you lose. You are not allowed to use your hands or even nose. This fun game is great for kids as well.

4 The guessing game

As childish as this game sounds, adults can absolutely enjoy planning it too. Put tons of Valentine’s day candies in a jar, making sure you know the exact number of them. Give each of your guests the jar so that they could visually determine how many candies in the jar. The winner is the person who will guess the correct number of candies or will be the closest to the correct answer. The bigger jar, the harder the game.

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5 Give me some treat

With blindfolded eyes and hands tied behind their backs, a man should unwrap the candy and put it in his woman’s mouth. If you do not have candies, opt for some other treats like little cupcakes, one-bite appetizers, or mini chocolate bars.

If you are going to throw a big party, you can time the couples with a stopwatch, or just see who will unwrap, feed and eat the candy faster. Sound easy? Well, do not be so confident. It is much harder than you think. There are many ways to make it more complicated, by the way.

With a plethora of fun Valentine’s Day party games, it is hard to come up with a list of those that can be prepared right before your guests knock on the door. These 5 Valentine’s Day party games do not require special preparations and can be played at the last minute on February 14. Have any other ideas to add? I want to hear your ideas too.