10 Sweet Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

Jan 20, 2017

Valentine’s Day is just a month away, but we all already know we have been fantasizing about what we will be doing with our respective loved ones. You have planned it down to the last detail – even the outfit you will wear – but you still need a new, unique hairstyle to wow him, remind him just how beautiful you are. Well, here are ten of the sweetest (and some of the easiest) Valentine’s Day hairstyles I could find.

1 Heavenly Heart

Why call this style the heavenly heart? Well, because it is so simple and straightforward, it will only take you five minutes or less to create. Plus, it is just so darn cute. Two braids, one ribbon, and two hairbands are all you need to create such a unique yet sweet hairdo.

2 Classic Cupid

This hairstyle is just a step up from the previous, yet still so simple. Perfect for our straight haired gals. And all you need is some hair ties and a couple mirrors. And maybe a little more patience. But if you have colored hair, this will look stunning.

3 Boho Ballerina Bun

For our lazy girls: a beautiful bun. Yes, buns are lazy, but you can make them look like you put the effort in by creating this perfect blend of boho chic and ballerina perfection. Letting a few stray hairs loose and curling them will give a nice, flowy romantic look that anyone will fall in love with.

4 Cupid’s Cute Curls

If you want something a little more involved than a bun – but less in your face valentine’s than the heart hairdos – try these soft, romantic curls with a middle part, framed by some simple braids. It is classic, effortless, and gorgeous.

5 Romantic Rapunzel

Chunky braids are all the rage, and you definitely need to give in and give it a go. Pairing them with softly curled bangs and loosening the braid to make it a little more voluminous will enhance any outfit, anytime. Add a sparkly headband or a simple ribbon and you are Valentine date ready.

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6 Delightful and Daring

If you are looking for something bold, something to make a statement, that will not actually take an entire day, a bottle of hairspray and three stylists to make, this is right up your alley. This sleek, modern bun is set off by overly long bangs and dramatic makeup. It is perfect when you want to stand out amongst the many couples flocking to dinner and drinks on V-Day.

7 Pretty in Pink

If you are lazier than you thought and all of these so far seem like way too much effort, I feel your inner lazy girl and give her this choice. Grab a ribbon, pull back your hair and curl it. But pick something textured or patterned to make the look more interesting – just like this model did with the pink velvet.

8 Fierce and Flirty

Take a classic cute and flirty hairstyle, the braid, and double it. Make it fierce by starting with a middle part and making the braids tight ad formed to frame your face shape and draw attention. It is simple, easy, and perfect for any lady out there looking to change it up for Valentines night.

9 Valentine Vavoom

If you want that va-va-voom look: this one is for you. Go for volume. Voluminous hair always stands out – literally. Straighten or curl your hair, but grab that teasing brush and go to town. It will look fabulous and make your face look thinner (you are welcome).

10 Simple Sparkle

Another on-trend look is the high double buns. They are cutesy, flattering, and fun. But if you want just a tad bit more fun, add some glitter and make your hair shiny in the best kind of way.

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Those are all the best and beautiful styles we could find for you this Valentine season. So while you are planning and fantasizing about your dream date, you can now picture it with the perfect outfit and hair – and hope that you get to go out and impress everyone with your sharp style skills while still being your lazy girl self.