10 Low Cost Yet Super Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Feb 11, 2017

Valentine’s Day often brings with it a wave of panic and nerves, not to mention high expectations. One thing this otherwise ordinary day in February does not need to do, however, is to break the bank.

Whether you have been with your other half for a while and want to spend some quality time together without having to leave the house or you are in a new relationship and are looking to sweep them off their feet with fancy dinner reservations, I write this in hopes of making the day a little less hard on your wallet so you can enjoy the day the way you are supposed to: in each other’s company without stress.

1 Rent a movie

It is an oldie but it is a goodie. Our lives are so busy and it is rare that we get the chance to sit down, grab a blanket and watch a movie without distractions. Tell your significant other that they need to turn their phone off and enjoy your favorite movie together. Do not forget candles. Candles make everything more romantic.

2 Breakfast in bed

Have you got them tricked into thinking you’re too busy on Valentine’s Day or are you pretending like you forgot? Perfect opportunity! Instead of making expensive dinner reservations at a restaurant you know will be packed full, surprise them with breakfast in bed.

If you are not great in the kitchen, head to your local coffee shop and they will have everything you need to pull off the perfect surprise. Remember, Valentine’s Day is all about the sentiment. It is the thought that counts, right?

3 Be quirky about it

Crosswords? Bowling? Picnic? Think about a guilty pleasure they may have and really play on that. Play a game of Monopoly or another classic board game. If their favorite place to hang out is in a coffee shop, scope out the cutest coffee houses in your area and take them for some coffee, cake and chat with no distractions. Maybe do some crosswords together, whatever they are into.

4 Get your Groupon

I am sure you have heard of Groupon before, but it is the perfect website to visit when you are trying to figure out something for you and your special someone to get up to on the big day. As everything is at a reduced price, you can guarantee that it is not going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Groupon will also give you some great suggestions and get your mind running wild with ideas. They have everything from cheap getaways, spa treatments to bungee jumps and go-karting.

5 Make something together

Some of the best date nights involve doing something intimate together. Instead of paying for someone to do it for you, try making your own sundae’s or maybe even pizza and then refer to my first point on what to do while you enjoy your meal.

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6 Go to a karaoke or open mic night

Those who sing together, stay together, right? Or something like that… Valentine’s Day can be stressful and karaoke is a great way to let loose and have some fun. Whether you decide to get up there yourself or just want to enjoy the entertainment, that is entirely up to you and your partner.

Another similar option would be to go to an amateur comedy night. Sometimes these can be terrible and other times they’ll have you howling. Either way, it is Valentine’s Day to remember, for sure.

7 Quiz nights

If there is one thing my boyfriend and I love to do together, it is a quiz. On a regular day, we will sit at home together on the couch and watch re-runs of The Chase or Tipping Point. If your partner is anything like mine, make this pastime that little more special by heading out to a quiz night in your area. It is a lot of fun and perfect for those who are not into the traditional Valentine’s Day gig.

8 Nature reserves and parks

I get it, you have been busy with the kids and you are both tired all the time. Sometimes the best dates are the most relaxing. If this sounds a lot like you and your other half, a nature reserve may be perfect for you! If there are not any in your area, head down to the local park and enjoy the peace and quiet. Guaranteed refreshment!

9 Head to a market

If you are not already sold on the idea that Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to break the bank, then this one should do it for you. Shopping is known for being therapeutic. Instead of worrying about gifts, scope out your local market or thrift store and have a look around together. This will also allow you to get to know each other’s tastes a little better and provide a lot of talking points.

10 Plan a journey in secret

I have saved the best ‘til last here, girls. It does not necessarily matter where you decide to go but if you know there is a place a short drive away that they have mentioned to you before, head on over.

The one thing that is compulsory, however, is keeping it a secret. This makes for a hilarious car journey of guesses. If you have no place in mind, that is okay too! Look on TripAdvisor and see what is around or if you are feeling adventurous – wing it.

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There is no doubt that Valentine’s Day can bring on a lot of unnecessary pressure and we all know that love should be shown all year ‘round, not just on one particular day. Try to look at it as an another opportunity to show them how much they mean to you and do something out of the ordinary.

No matter what you get up to this Valentine’s Day, make sure you enjoy spending some quality time with each other and re-ignite the spark in your relationship. Remember, you can never go wrong with flowers!