7 Things to Be Grateful for on Valentine’s Day

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies and guys! This day might be different to each of you. Some of you are planning to have a romantic dinner or first date, while others are going to spend the day watching The Notebook, crying and eating the whole pack of chocolate cookies.

Many celebrate the day of love with their friends and pets, while others pretend that Valentine’s Day does not exist at all. No matter what you think about Valentine’s Day, there are several important things you should be grateful for on February 14. Here are some of them:

1 Freedom of choice

Be grateful for the opportunity to choose your partner and marry the person that you truly love. There were times when fathers and brothers chose husbands for their daughters and sisters, could you imagine this for yourself? Although, this tradition still exists in some countries, you probably live in the place where you are free to do whatever you feels right.

2 Warm bed and full plate

Did ever worry about where you were going to sleep and what you are going to eat for dinner? There are many people who have no warm bed to sleep in every night and they pray for every piece of food they manage to get for dinner. On Valentine’s Day, be grateful for your warm bed and scrumptious dinner.

3 Past and present relationships

Be thankful to your exes for everything they taught you about relationships. Even if they hurt you, forgive them. Every person comes in our lives for some reason. Your ex boyfriends are no exception. Perhaps you had the perfect beginning but then something went wrong and you broke up. That was a challenge that you had to take in order to learn new things.

If you are currently in a relationship with someone you truly love, this is because your past partners taught you how to build a strong relationship. If you are single, this does not mean you are miserable. You are on the way to finding your soulmate.

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4 Morning

The sad truth is a great number of people worldwide didn’t wake up today. You are here. Alive. Enjoying a bright morning sunshine. Eating a delicious breakfast and drinking your favorite coffee/tea/smoothie. There is no reason to cry on February 14. Being single does not mean being dead, right?

5 Family

Valentine’s Day is not about sharing love with your partner; it is about sharing your love with everyone you know and do not know. Be grateful for having parents, siblings, husband, children, grandparents and all those folks you see on Christmas only.

6 Friends

Whether you have one loyal friend or tons of so-called friends, be grateful for having them in your life. Some friends are always there for us when the nearest and dearest ignore us. Plus, friends lift our spirits when it seems like the world is falling apart. Regardless of how many friends you have, appreciate them on Valentine’s Day.

7 Chocolate cookies

Surprised? Yes, you should be thankful for the perfect opportunity to enjoy a variety of different chocolate desserts on Valentine’s Day. Not everyone is lucky enough to eat at least one piece of chocolate and if you can indulge in a whole bar, appreciate this moment. Have nothing to do today? Share some chocolate cookies with those in need. This is a wonderful way to share your love and make others happy.

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While you have to be grateful for all these and many other things in life on a daily basis, Valentine’s Day is just another reminder that you should not ignore. Take a few minutes to figure out what you are thankful for today and you will see how you will feel on February 15.