7 Little Ways to Know He Is a Real Keeper

Apr 14, 2016

Girls live in the world full of players, yet there are genuine keepers that make fantastic partners. Keepers are always ready for long-term relationships and you should not try hard to win their hearts. Once a guy-keeper is into you, he will do anything possible and impossible to make you happy. He will always find a new way to surprise you and make you smile. The only problem, it can be difficult to tell if a guy is a keeper. Luckily, you do not need to rack your brains, here are a few effective ways to know if he is a real keeper.

1 He is attentive and wise

He is genuinely interested in your hobby, job and lifestyle. He is not a control freak. He is just highly attentive. He always notices when you are sad or tired, even when you smile. He is incredibly wise, which is why his pearls of wisdom are needed and appreciated all the time.

2 He loves your voice

If your boyfriend calls you just to hear your voice, this is one of the signs he is a real keeper. Communicating through text, Skype, or email is convenient, but it is not for the partners that truly love each other. He also listens to everything you say without interruption and irritation, even when you say nonsense.

3 He is always here to help you

Let’s say, you are going through a rough time or you are overwhelmed and overloaded at work. While a player will tell you see you over the weekend or when you will be free, a keeper will be here to help you. Maybe he will not be able to do all those projects for you, strong support never hurts.

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4 He does not ignore your problems

What troubles you, troubles him. He does not distinguishes between your problems and his own ones. His life might be packed with problems, but yours are priority to him. It is a rare quality guys possess, so if your boyfriend never ignores your problems, appreciate him and of course do the same. Treat his problems as your own ones. It is easier to solve the issues and find the best solutions when you are together.

5 He makes you feel beautiful

A keeper has trouble noticing the flaws. He will not tell you how chubby, pessimistic or fretful you are. He knows your flaws. He knows your weaknesses. However, he will never tell you about them. He will try to better them secretly while making you feel gorgeous. If you have insecurity issues, a keeper will help you overcome them and teach you to appreciate and love yourself.

6 He strives to surprise you daily

He thinks you deserve a little surprise each day. Maybe it is not a ring, a car or a new dress. Love is not about material things, isn’t it? Love letters, love notes, a delicious lunch, a romantic dinner, a spontaneous picnic in the nearest park or an exciting road trips and many more are all those tiny gifts he can give you.

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7 He is totally committed

Many couples break up because they fail to work through the complicated issues of everyday life. Why do they fail? Because of weak commitment. When both of you are totally committed, nothing will stop you from enjoying each other. If your boyfriend is planning a bright future with you and you cannot imagine your life without him, you two are committed to the relationship.

Dating or marrying a keeper is a dream come true for every woman. Some girls claim keepers are too boring and then end up dating womanizers and players. Never believe in beautiful words when there are no actions at all. If you are dating a keeper, appreciate him and be grateful for your soul mate. Have you ever been in a relationship with a keeper?