5 Ways to Find Hygge This Super Cold Winter

Jan 11, 2018

Winter can be a long, difficult season. Once the holidays are over, you might be wishing for sunshine, or at least a break from the snow. When winter starts to get you down, start exploring the concept of hygge.

Hygge is a Danish term that focuses on feeling cozy in life’s small pleasures. It is all about finding joy and contentment in things and experiences that are safe and known. Here are some ideas to help you find hygge in the winter months.

1 Find your favorite blanket

Lying on the couch under a cozy, warm blanket can be soothing. If you have had a terrible day at work and your children are driving you crazy, take a few minutes to settle down under something comfy.

Whether it is a new fleece throw or something made by your grandmother, make sure it makes you smile. Take time each evening (or morning!) to snuggle down and just breathe.

2 Drink something hot at night

Sipping on a hot beverage can warm you up and bring back pleasant memories. If you are not a tea drinker, now might be the time to become one. Try different flavors and experiment with adding in honey or cinnamon to sweeten.

If you are 100% against tea, then make some hot chocolate. Try a new flavor, add some milk, or put in extra marshmallows. Making it from scratch can be fun activity, plus you get a delicious treat afterward.

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3 Find a new book

Make finding a new page turner your next priority. Instead of just browsing Amazon, head to your local library or bookstore. Go in with a few ideas, but let yourself wander the stacks and look at all the different options available. You can pull a few from the shelf and take time to read. It just might give you the sense of wonder that books have been giving kids (and adults) for centuries.

4 Watch an old movie or show

Pick out a favorite show or movie from back in the day or binge on something that’s new to you. This could also be a great time to catch up on reboots of older shows. Spending an hour or two in an old, familiar world will help long winter evenings pass quickly and pleasantly.

5 Schedule a game night

Challenge some friends and family to play a game or two. You can meet at your house or a bar or coffee shop that keeps board games on hand for customers. Have fun playing something new or an old favorite game you played growing up. It might be a great time to put the phone away and stay in the moment with those you love.

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If you feel like the winter months are going to last forever, hygge might be just the thing to help you survive. Look for a chance to feel cozy, content and safe in the small, everyday joys of life. If you celebrate the small joys as you find them, you will find yourself enjoying winter. And then, spring will be here before you know it.