6 Ways to Help Animals Survive This Winter

Oct 24, 2022

Winter is just around the corner! This extremely beautiful season can carry the lives of many animals away, because they often cannot find a suitable place to spend the winter. People are able to use various facilities of a modern and civilized world. A cozy and warm house, a cup of tea and your favorite music can make your winter better and more comfortable. Most animals have no chance to enjoy this cold winter. They live in hope to receive help from us.

Unfortunately, only tender-hearted retirees or active workers of different animal rescue groups feed and take care of animals. Young and busy people find charity pointless and unnecessary. They’re often not interested in animal welfare because they cannot make profit on it. What a pity that the society has set new and cruel priorities, but wise people still remember that both bad and good things have a tendency to come back. Parents should be a role model for their children. They should teach their kids to love animals.

According to the statistics, thousands of animals die during the winter months. The most common causes of animal deaths are starvation and cold. I don’t want to lecture you about unfairness in life. I just want people to realize that without our support many animals are doomed to sufferings and painful death. It’s high time to turn our twinges of conscience and ideas into concrete actions to save the lives of animals. Here are 5 effective steps to comfort and inspire our little and shelterless friends.

1 Join or support animal charity organizations

Today there’re lots of animal charity organizations that dedicate all their time, money and energy to help animals survive in this harsh world. They’re groups of kind-hearted personalities, united by a common purpose to shelter and protect as many animals as possible. The most difficult thing in their activity is to find money and other useful resources, because these organizations aren’t financed by the government. They also have to attract other people and sponsors in order to get a specified amount of money to cover their activity expenses.

If you have some free time and you’re mentally ready to look into the eyes of a stray animal, then you should join an animal charity organization. For sure, this heartful activity will help you experience a full range of positive emotions, because rescuing lives is a wonderful thing. Those who have no time to join charity organizations can provide financial support, sending money to animal organization’s bank account. Plus, you can supply these organizations with all necessary medicines and foods. If you don’t prefer to cooperate with charity organizations, you may take a different tack.

2 One animal – one life

Without a doubt, you meet many stray animals on your way to work, college or school. You may begin to feel a liking for a sweetie cat or a nice puppy. This little and pure creature is always glad to see you. Its positivity makes your mood better. Now it’s your turn to do a good deed. Try to protect those animals from severe cold during this winter.

The first thing you should do is to feed them every day, because regular and substantial nourishment is crucially important. Satisfactory nourishment helps the body of a little tomtit bear even a severe frost. Many dogs and cats aren’t resistant enough to a biting cold. They have practically no chances to survive. Use your skillful hands and imagination to build a small warm box for a stray animal to live in. Ask your friends to help you construct the box. This shelter will protect your favorite animal from wind, rain and snow.

Moreover, such insignificant acts of kindness will give life and hope for many animals from all over the world. My friend is a talented needlewoman. She spends all her free time to embroider warm vests for dogs and cats. At the end of autumn, she sends beautiful handmade clothes to different animal shelters.

3 Use social media

Not long ago I got acquainted with a disabled person. I was pleasantly surprised to get to know that her main hobby and occupation was to rescue animals. This young and beautiful lady uses her computer and the Internet as an effective tool to save animals from suffering. Her volunteer activity gives stray or abandoned animals a second chance to find a new and caring family. She cooperates with various animal charity organizations in order to draw the attention of the communities to the problem of animal homelessness and hunger. She adds the photos and information about animals to different forums and social network websites. I think that such people are from heaven.

You should also take into consideration that using social media is a great opportunity to find good people who will support your charity plans and purposes. Let all people know about what’s happening to stray animals. Invite your friends to join animal charity groups.

4 Take a stray animal into your home

Are you ready to take a direct responsibility for the life of at least one stray animal this winter? I hope, yes. This miracle will quickly get used to your house and become a new family member. It will love you with all its heart and bring tenderness, sincerity, protection and harmony in your family. If you’re afraid of all possible consequences, you can take the animal and go to the local animal shelter. The veterinarian will quickly examine the ‘patient’ and give you all necessary instructions. This step is extremely important, because your safety is the main priority. If you don’t want an animal become a part of your family, then try to give it shelter and provide an opportunity to spend the cold winter months in your warm house. I’m sure that animals won’t cause you too much inconvenience. My friend and workmate have seven cats in the house. This cat person might have a big and kind heart.

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5 Spend time with them

Hey, people! Don’t be so unsympathetic and callous toward animals. We are not obliged to donate time and money to animal charities, but if we completely lose our moral values, our kids and future generations will suffer from the sins of their ancestors. Nowadays it’s so hard to find correct words that can melt the ice in the hearts of those who’re still indifferent to the sufferings of weak and unprotected creatures.

If you have no money and will to take care of animals, you can at least go up with a smile and stroke a stray cat on the head. Play a bit and share your good mood with an animal. One minute of sincere and open communication with the cat will help the animal understand that they’re not alone in this world. They’re as smart as human beings. Animals can feel, worry and get offended as well. Don’t find it odd to please stray animals, because they also need friendship, communication and joy. Also, don’t forget to give them some delicious treats!

6 Feed birds

Birds are those little animals that also need our help. It’s not so difficult to feed birds in your garden, on your balcony or even at your window sill. Don’t forget about warm water for them. They can’t say “Thank you” and they may not show any signs of love. But they will definitely appreciate you and you will see them every day and may even love them as your pets.

This is not just an article; it’s an appeal to every reader. This winter is going to be cold and snowy. If people decide to take the seasonal problem of animals upon themselves, this winter will bring only positive emotions to both human beings and animals. We still have time to build more bird-feeders, warm boxes and other accessories to protect animals from the vagaries of the weather. Do you have any other ideas on how to help animals this winter? Have you ever given shelter to stray animals? Share your experiences!