7 Important Tips for Adopting a Stray Cat

Oct 20, 2022

Cats are my favorite pets. I’m almost charmed by the grace and beauty of these wonderful creatures. I am an owner of a former stray cat, and I want to share my experience of bringing a stray cat into your life. You should be aware of various difficulties if you have the intention to take in a stray kitten. Before you decide to raise a stray animal, you need to consider the safety of yourself and your family. Moreover, you are to be patient enough to help the pet acclimatize to your home and life. Here are a few important tips for adopting a stray cat.

1 Take the pet to the vet

If you decide to bring a stray cat into your life, it’s strongly recommended to take your new feline friend to the vet and ask them to check the cat for communicable diseases. Moreover, you can receive an appointment to get the cat all necessary vaccinations. It will protect both you and any pets you may already have living with you.

2 Create conditions

You also need to create the conditions needed to take care of your new family member. You should offer the cat some food, fresh water and some type of a litter box. If you don’t exactly know what cats usually eat, you should buy different kinds of wet cat food, because it is very useful for cats. A blanket is a good thing for your pet to rest on.

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3 A quite room

If you adopt a stray cat, you should place him in a room all his own for a few days. This will give him a chance to understand that he is in safe from all risks in your home. If you have other pets, try to avoid meetings face to face. Many veterinarians recommend petting each cat with a sock or towel to pick their scent, and then petting another cat with the same sock or towel so they will begin to identify the scent as part of their family or home.

4 Toys

The game is the best way to get free and make friends. There are many games and toys, which can help your cat enjoy the process and feel comfortable around you. Frankly speaking, I don’t know cats that are indifferent to little mouse toys or a stick with a string. Plus, playing with cats usually solves behavior problems and prevents obesity. Playtime is an important part of your cat’s physical and mental well-being.

5 Quality time

It is important to realize that you need to build trust and good relationship with your new pet, if you want the cat to become one of your favorite family members. Spend more time communicating with the cat and let him get used to you. Furthermore, you should stroke your feline as much as possible. Try to show your love and it will let your pet feel safe around you.

6 Let the cat come to you

I know that it is so tempting to touch and pick up your new cat. You should stop chasing and bothering your pet, but let him come to you. Cats are very sensible creatures, so it usually takes them some time to get used to the atmosphere and people around. I think it is useless to force your cat sleep on the top of you, because he will run away all the time. Treat your cat with love and he will come to you on his own.

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7 Introduce the cat to the household

Find time to introduce your feline friend to the household. Let the cat explore the area independently, because cats are very curious about everything. If you already have some pets, you should be very careful while introducing a new cat to them. Don’t forget that you are a mediator between your pets relationship, so you need to dedicate enough time to help your new friend acclimatize. It should be a slow process in order to prevent fights and conflicts. If everything is ok, then you can let them play a game to help them get used to each other in a short period of time.

It is very noble to help stray animals. Only good-natured people can bring a stray cat into their home and give it a shelter. But you are to be patient and careful enough to avoid various problems. If you follow these tips, your new stray kitten will become an important and loved member of your family in a quite short period of time. Have you ever brought a stray cat into your home? Do you like stray animals?