12 Most Dangerous People Foods for Cats

Nov 1, 2022

Any cat owner can tell you that cats prefer people’s food to their own meals. So it’s not surprising to see a cat stealing bites from someone’s plate. While this practice may be cute, it can also be dangerous. There are several foods that have unpleasant side effects or can even be deadly to a cat’s health. Check out the list of the 12 most dangerous people foods for cats, and make sure you consult a veterinarian about your cat’s nutritional needs.

1 Raisins

While raisins are a delicious and healthy snack for people, they can be dangerous people foods for cats. Raisins cause severe poisoning and vomiting in cats, as well as lead to kidney disease, which is why the animal will have to be transferred to a lifelong medical diet.

You should avoid giving your pet raisins, one of the poisonous foods for cats and watch for signs of toxicity if your cat accidentally eats them. Symptoms usually occur within 24 hours: diarrhea, lack of appetite, lethargy, weakness, abdominal pain, and decreased urination.