12. Fish

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Fish is also one of the most dangerous people foods for cats due to containing too much protein and minerals. Often the consumption of raw fish is fraught for the animal with the development of urolithiasis, worm infestation, and hypovitaminosis. In addition, very often, due to injuries from small but sharp bones, the internal organs of the pet suffer.

To be safe, your cat should be given properly formulated cat food instead of table scraps. Even if you do this, it is not unusual for cats to help themselves to people food. You will need to be particularly vigilant about keeping toxic foods out of reach of your feline and preventing any access to things like avocado peelings which may end up in the garbage. Remember that the garbage can is easy for your cat to get into. It may be worth investing in a can with a top.

If you suspect your cat has eaten something toxic, call your vet. However, if you see signs of intoxication, rush your pet to the vet immediately. It’s not worth the risk of a more serious problem.