FAQs: Most interesting questions about the most dangerous people foods for cats

Are there any foods dangerous for cats

Salty, sweet, pickled, fried, pork, milk, liver, bones, boiled potatoes, legumes, fish, caffeine, garlic, onions, alcohol, and raisins – all these foods should not be added to cats’ diet. The harm from them can be different, but some of them can even be fatal.

How to prevent cats from eating harmful foods?

It is possible to prevent your cat from eating harmful foods by providing them with a healthy diet and plenty of toys to play with. Ensure that your cat gets the right food and that your pet gives at least 30 minutes of play time each day.

What human food is good for cats?

Your cat can be fed with natural products. Non-fat dairy products (cottage cheese, kefir), meat by-products (lung, kidney, heart), meat (beef, lamb, rabbit), and vegetables (zucchini, pumpkin, cucumbers) can be given.

Why do cats like human food?

As a rule, human food attracts cats because it is delicious and more varied than healthy food, which is especially for cats.