10 Most Dangerous People Foods for Dogs

Feb 22, 2014

Most dog owners know it’s not a great idea to feed their canine pal from the dinner table, but once in a while, pieces of food happen to get slipped to a dog. While this is usually fine, there are some people foods that dogs should absolutely not have. Certain foods can be dangerous or even deadly to your dog. Knowing which ones can help you avoid a tragic accident. I also recommend you to visit a veterinarian and ask them to help you determine a proper nutrition for your dog.

1 Garlic and Onions

Keep onions and garlic far away from your dog. Both vegetables are frequently used in human cooking to add flavor, but to a canine they spell trouble. Raw onions and garlic are the most dangerous, but you should avoid exposure to any form of the flavorful foods. Certain compounds within items of the onion family can cause toxicosis in pets. Unfortunately, the symptoms may not show up for three or four days after ingestion. You will notice that your dog seems lazy and his urine will be orange or dark red.