3 Countries You Can Confidently Travel with Your Dog

If you are someone who loves your dog so much you can’t bear to leave them at home while you are off jet-setting, why not consider bringing your dog along for the adventure? Of course, not every destination is suited for your four-legged family members.

But some countries are extremely dog-friendly, walking through the backcountry mountains or down the cobbled streets of Europe can lead to meeting great locals and give you some special with bonding time with your beloved pooch.

1 Canada

This country has one of the highest amounts of open space per person in the entire world. All those mountains, fields, lakes, and beaches are great places to bring your dog along. While Canada still has rules about bringing your dogs into food establishments and many stores or attractions, this destination is perfect for outdoor adventurers.

Whether it is hiking and camping around the impossibly blue glacier lakes of Banff National Park, playing fetch in the ocean along Vancouver’s Seawall, or enjoying the ferry trip over to Manitoulin Island in Ontario with the rest of the resident dogs in the area, Canada is filled with dog-friendly outdoor adventures.

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2 France

This is one country where you do not miss out on the culture and history by bringing your dog along. France has many pet-friendly laws that mean your furry buddy can come into grocery stores, restaurants, and even shopping malls. If you have a well-trained dog that is happy around humans and busy city centers, France is an excellent destination for you and Fido.

3 Netherlands

Not just for bikers, the Dutch are notorious dog lovers. Small dogs will love to sit around in your bike basket, taking in the sights and smells, while bigger dogs get to enjoy the exercise and open air of this healthy, friendly country. Expect to get stopped along the streets of Amsterdam asking to pet your dog.

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It is easy to find dog-friendly hotels and restaurants, and most shops will allow entry to dogs. Plus, you can purchase a train ticket for your pal and easily trek across the country with your pooch. They even have some of their parks, such as Oosterpark, divided into zones – one for children and another for off-leash dogs.

This is just the beginning of many dog-friendly destinations around the world. No matter where you travel to with your dog, patience and planning ahead can ensure you have an enjoyable and relaxing vacation with both your family and canine companion.