5 Reasons Ultimate Happiness Comes from Pets

May 11, 2017

One glimpse, tail wag, or paw can bring so much joy into our lives. Pets have a way with making lonely people feel less isolated, and even children with autism benefit from having a furry companion by their side.

Without even trying, pets bring joy into our lives, which is unlike anything human-to-human interaction creates. Pets promote such positive, pure emotion that they without a doubt are the creators of ultimate happiness.

1 Pets teach love

Despite hogging the sofa, making messes, and driving us crazy, people will love their pets unconditionally. Like us, pets feel both happiness and sadness, and humans can read into that emotion.

Once you develop a bond with your pet, just like a child or a best friend, you can learn to forgive them for behavior that may otherwise be inexcusable. In turn, this teaches us not only how to be more empathetic but how to feel love and give love.

2 Give self-esteem

When you have a bad day and are feeling like a pile of rubbish, your pet will be there to comfort you. To them, it does not matter if you have an unclear complexion, are an amputee, have a mental disorder, or are sick.

Even if you stumble through the doorway at two in the morning drunk, they will not judge you for it. You will always be you – a precious member of the pack. You will always have some place to belong when a pet is waiting for you.

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3 Help social connections

Ever notice when taking your pet to the veterinarian, to the pet store, or out for walk how people are more likely to be more friendly? There is something about a furry cutie looking back at people that makes them go as weak-kneed as they would over a newborn baby. Even when you do not have your pet with you, talking about them and all their precious or annoying quirks is always a wonderful conversation starter.

Having a pet gives you the opportunity to form connections with people you may have otherwise never approached. Even the smallest interaction dispels feelings of isolation. For the elderly, pet companion is a wonderful way to boost the quality of life.

4 Make you move

Through countless research, it has been proven that owning a pet improves your health. For example, the American Heart Association stated that owning a pet can reduce your risk of heart disease. This is because pets make us move in various ways.

Dogs get us outside to play. Cats get us using our brains to make DIY trees. Horses need to be ridden, and the stalls need cleaning. Despite being just a few examples, it is clear that having a pet inspires us to do more in our downtime.

5 Boost your mood

Simply looking at our beloved pets can give us a shot of mood-boosting hormones, according to research presented by the University of Missouri-Columbia. Furthermore, your feline companion’s purring is known to have a calming effect. That is why pets are popular for therapy, because they bring so more peace to our lives. When you run your hand over their fur and look into their eyes, cortisol is reduced.

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All these benefits from owning a pet contribute to the ultimate form of happiness. That is, every facet of our lives is affected by having a furry companion. Pets teach us how to empathize, make us laugh, and stay with us when the world turns a cold shoulder. Owning a pet takes work, but it is an undeniable joy.