5 Tips on How Not to Break Down in the Pursuit of Happiness

Oct 27, 2022

No matter whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, modern life is getting harder day by day. The older you get, the more responsibilities and risks you take, because you wholeheartedly want to win the race in the pursuit of happiness. You have to work hard, sleep less, sacrifice yourself and swallow your pride to reach a desirable goal and prove everyone that you were born with the spirit of a champion. But even champions should understand that they’re not made of steel. Sooner or later your willpower can collapse under the influence of different life conditions and events. Sometimes even your favorite motivational songs, videos and inspiration boards cannot recharge the battery of patience and willpower inside your heart.

I’ve already experienced a great number of emotional breakdowns and I know that when you’re totally exhausted and tired of everything, it’s better to reduce information flows and look for more effective ways that will really work. By all means, try to fill your days with something new and break the routine life cycle, because boring and predictable existence can bring down even the strongest ones. You should take preventive measures to avoid emotional breakdowns and always keep in mind that there’s a thin line between happiness and depression.

1 Talk the pain out

“Don’t worry, everything will be okay” is one of the most pointless and useless phrases said by millions of people when they want to relieve somebody’s mind. I can state with confidence that it doesn’t work, because it’s very difficult to deceive your mind and say that you’re okay, if it doesn’t coincide with the reality. These risky attempts to cope with stress can only increase the anxiety and lead you up the garden path. If you’re working too hard and feel that you’re at the edge of your rope, you should look for natural ways to blow off steam and muster your strength to start a new challenge.

Don’t fear to talk about your troubles and things that keep you on the trot all the time. Unfortunately, strong personalities tend to fight their inner demons singlehanded, because they cannot entrust their secrets to people around them. If you want to survive, you should break your stereotypes and rules. Try to surround yourself with people who’ll always hear your grievances and suits.

2 Find your love

Many modern people don’t believe in a pure love. They’ve already experienced a breakup and cannot recover after that stressing event. They say that love is the source of constant pain and sufferings. I’ve also faced such a trouble, but I still believe in the existence of this magical feeling. Only the wings of love can save you from falling down into the unknown.

Now that I’m in love with a wonderful person, I’m sure that this feeling will never let me break down again. During the darkest days of my life, my significant other was the only one, who relieved my pain and believed in me even more than I did.

People who have love in their hearts are usually highly confident and motivated to go through hard times with the head held high regardless of everything. You should put aside all hesitations and plunge into the ocean of love, if you want to become happy. Very soon, you’ll become unbelievably strong and immune to almost all problems, because those who’re in love see no boundaries.

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3 Don’t take everything to heart

When you’re on the right path, many people usually try to knock you off track. Why does it happen so? I think that others, especially rivals and enemies, are bursting with envy when you’re trying to make your dreams come true. You should know that ungrounded criticism is the main weapon of the jealous society. If some of your friends is telling you that you’re moving in the wrong direction, you shouldn’t take it to heart and run to extremes, because many men – many minds.

No matter how you slice it, you’ll never hide or run away from toxic people, their negativity and criticism, because they’re almost everywhere. Without an adequate response to this emotional pressure, you’ll quickly break down. The best way to deal with ungrounded criticism is treating the words of other people philosophically. Just analyze their remarks and turn a deaf ear to words that can affect your confidence and destabilize your inner peace.

4 Don’t attract negativity

Today, some people behave like terrible panic-mongers. Those who fear to experience an emotional breakdown, keep negative thoughts and dark scenarios under their hats 24 hours a day. They don’t realize that a human thought is a material thing. As a result, their minds create a vicious circle that consists of fear and chronic emotional breakdowns. I hope you’ll never make the same mistake. The development of positive mindset is a challenging thing, but it’s better not to trouble troubles until troubles trouble you.

5 Get a wonderful friend

Human psyche is like a cup. Day by day, negative feelings and unexpressed emotions make this cup completely full. It’s necessary to get rid of this black energy and keep balance between negative and positive space. Otherwise, a heavy emotional breakdown will take place and all the mud will be spilled over your soul. But how can you do it? You should unburden your heart in every possible way. You can have regular frank conversations with your best friends, but sooner or later they’ll get tired of acting like psychotherapists.

If you live alone, then why not get a pet? No matter, whether it will be a dog, a parrot or a cat, you should feel the responsibility for someone you love. This responsibility sometimes can serve as a healing potion for the person that’s facing tough times. Furthermore, you can communicate with your pet and tell it everything you’re worrying about.

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Inner strength is a blessing that’s not given to every human being by nature. It’s strongly recommended to work at self-improvement and remember that life consists of ups and downs. I hope these small tips will help you enjoy this life without breakdowns. But if you suddenly face a mental breakdown, you shouldn’t fall into confusion because every breakdown is a portion of valuable experience that makes you wiser and more mature. Do you believe that it’s possible to become happy without facing breakdowns? What other tips do you have?