8 Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

Dec 24, 2014

There are a few seemingly good things most dog owners do that dogs don’t like. Sometimes we love our pets so much that we don’t control our emotions and actions. You may think that your puppy loves your hugs, but he may actually hate them. We all have bad habits and we believe that our pets love us for who we are and they accept even the most annoying habits we have. But why not make their lives easier? Here are eight good things you do that your dog hates.

1 When you pet your dog’s face

Whether you pat your puppy’s head or pet his face, are you sure that he likes it? In fact, most dogs, as well as most animals, hate being patted on the head. It can be painful and annoying, especially if strangers do it. If your dog pulls his head back and leans away when you are trying to pat his head or pet his face, it’s a sure sign your dog doesn’t like it. If you have kids, you should teach them to gently pet your dog’s back, and avoid touching his face and patting his head. Your puppy will definitely thank you!