8 Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

Oct 24, 2022

There are a few seemingly good things most dog owners do that dogs don’t like. Sometimes we love our pets so much that we don’t control our emotions and actions. You may think that your puppy loves your hugs, but he may actually hate them. We all have bad habits and we believe that our pets love us for who we are and they accept even the most annoying habits we have. But why not make their lives easier? Here are eight good things you do that your dog hates.

1 When you pet your dog’s face

Whether you pat your puppy’s head or pet his face, are you sure that he likes it? In fact, most dogs, as well as most animals, hate being patted on the head. It can be painful and annoying, especially if strangers do it. If your dog pulls his head back and leans away when you are trying to pat his head or pet his face, it’s a sure sign your dog doesn’t like it. If you have kids, you should teach them to gently pet your dog’s back, and avoid touching his face and patting his head. Your puppy will definitely thank you!

2 When you hug your dog

That might be a surprise, but there are dogs who don’t like to be hugged. People believe that hugs are loving and incredible. When we hug someone, we show our love, and sincere and true appreciation. When it comes to dogs, it’s not the case. The thing is, when a dog places a paw or foreleg on the back of another dog, he shows his dominance. So when you hug your puppy, he may think that you show your dominance and may feel fearful and threatened. That’s one of the most common yet unknown reasons why dogs bite people. Sure, not all dogs hate hugs, but most of them. Before hugging your furry canine friend, find out whether he likes it or not.

3 Teasing

Teasing a dog is funny, but it’s another reason why dogs bite people, especially kids. Dogs hate it. Sometimes we tease our pets without realizing it. We can talk or bark at our dogs, especially when they are barking at us, pull on their tails or ears. This habit is annoying and you should break it as soon as possible. Also, make sure you explain to your children that it’s dangerous to tease dogs.

4 When you keep a tight leash

When you keep a tight leash on your puppy, that causes him to stress out. When you keep a loose leash, you give your dog a sense of freedom. He knows that everything is okay and that both of you have nothing to worry about. If your dog walks on a slack leash he is more likely to be friendly and calm. However, if you always keep a tight leash on your dog, he is more likely to bark and be aggressive even in a calm social situation. Try to train your dog to walk on a slack leash. The earlier you start, the better.

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5 Being around someone he doesn’t like

If your dog doesn’t like your friend, don’t let your friend tease or frighten your pet. You are a protective leader for your dog. He believes you and he wants you to protect him from people he doesn’t like. If your dog likes to hang out with your parents, partner or friends, you will notice it at once. But if he hides when someone visits you, let it be. Don’t force him to be around you.

6 Your busy schedules

If you have a busy schedule each day, chances are that your dog hates it. Pets like kids, they need care and attention. When you don’t spend enough time with your dog, he may think that you don’t love him. You get home from work tired and exhausted, have your dinner and spend the whole evening in front of TV. Break this habit. It’s bad for your pet’s health. Go for a walk or run after your dinner. Not only will you make your dog happy, you will also improve your health. If the weather isn’t good, you can play with your dog at home and teach him some new tricks. Even 10 minutes of training will be enough to show your dog that you really care about him.

7 Absence of rules

Believe it or not, but dogs love rules and they actually need them. As I mentioned, pets like kids. When kids don’t stick to any rules, they grow up spoiled. Well-behaved and well-mannered kids know that they have a certain set of important rules to stick to. It’s doesn’t mean that their lives are boring. Rules help us become more successful in life. Your dog needs some rules as well. Your dog should know the boundaries, and simply saying ‘no’ isn’t enough. I believe that there’s no such thing as a bad dog, there’s such thing as a bad dog owner who can’t teach his dog how to behave properly.

8 When you wake him up

When someone wakes you up, especially early in the morning, do you like it? Probably, no. Your dog needs to get enough sleep. Just because you are bored and your dog is sleeping, doesn’t mean that you should wake him up. Your pet deserves some quiet time, so don’t disturb him. Find another activity or take a nap with your dog. Teach your kids to do the same. Respect your dog’s sleep, and he will respect yours.

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There are many things we do that dogs hate. Remember dogs can’t speak; they can’t tell you that they hate one or another thing. It’s your responsibility to read your dog’s body language and make his life happy. Love and respect your furry canine friend, and he will love you until the very end. What are the things that your dog hate?