10 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Feb 20, 2019

Do you prefer cats or dogs? This age-old personality test is used by many to determine what type of character a person has depended on their favorite animal. Dog lovers are thought to have more open, loyal personalities, whereas cat owners are considered proud, sophisticated, and aloof.

The ideal pet for you will depend on what qualities you are seeking in your furry friend and what you are prepared to offer in return. Most people will already know what type of pet they prefer based on their childhood experiences. If you are still undecided, the following list explains what advantages cats have over their canine counterparts.

1 They are more independent

People who work long hours and cannot devote their full attention to their pet during the day should definitely opt for a cat. Cats generally treat their home like a hotel and will check-in a few times a day for food or rest.

They can also come and go by themselves via a cat flap. They will often hunt and kill their own food, and generous felines may occasionally bring the bounty home to share it with you whether you like it or not.

2 They are far cheaper to own

Cats are cheaper in almost every way when compared to dogs. Unless you decide on a show-quality, pure-breed Persian cat, they are much cheaper to purchase than dogs. Food, toys, and beds are cheaper as well as medical care and neutering costs.

If you have to go away for a few days, you can simply ask a neighbor to provide food and water for your cat until you return. If you have to leave your cat with a boarding kennel whilst you are on vacation, the price will be almost half of what it would cost for a dog.

3 They are more convenient

If you live in a tiny apartment without a balcony or even a windowsill, a cat will be content with a warm place to sit and a simple litter box. Dogs require several walks per day or can become destructive due to pent-up energy.

4 They make less noise

Although cats can create an almighty racket when fighting or mating, this rarely takes place within the home. Apart from the occasional meow and soft purring, cats are usually silent creatures and do not bark at postmen or howl when left alone.

5 They can clean themselves

Cats are self-cleaning animals that take great pride in their appearance. Most will go their entire lives without needing a bath and will never roll in a puddle and then shake themselves off over your clean laundry.

Males will occasionally spray the furniture in your home to mark their territory, but this behavior can usually be controlled through neutering or with specialist sprays available from pet stores.

6 They provide pest control

Anyone who has ever witnessed a dog fail at catching its own tail will know that most of their hunting instinct disappeared long ago. Cats are still excellent hunters and will clear your home of mice, rats, cockroaches, and just about any other creepy-crawly that dares to set foot on their territory.

7 They are easy to travel with

Some countries such as America and England welcome animals on all forms of transport no matter how large or fierce they may look. Other countries such as Greece and Spain do not let you bring large dogs onto buses and trains making travel extremely difficult if you do not own a car. Cats will fit snugly into a small travel crate and can be carried on trains, buses, airplanes and even in taxis.

8 They are available in the hybrid form

If you are still on the fence about choosing a cat as your pet, a Google search for ‘Hybrid Cat Breeds’ will cement your loyalty to felines. Hybrid cats are domesticated breeds that have been crossed with lions, tigers, leopards, and cheetahs to create an incredible species that combines the affection of a regular kitty with the majesty of a wildcat.

9 They enjoy plenty of housemates

A house full of cats is generally easy to maintain and is practically mandatory for spinsters. Trying to keep more than three or four dogs in a small house is absolute chaos and will not win you any favors with your next-door neighbors. Although cats do often fight especially around mating season, the aftermath is generally less serious than a dogfight.

10 They have an incredible heritage

Domestic cats are the descendants of the African Wildcat that was first domesticated by the Egyptians in 3000BC. They were considered sacred animals that were linked to ancient Egyptian Gods such as Sekhmet and Ra. Dead cats were even mummified and laid to rest in their own tomb.

Dogs are generally trusting, devoted creatures that will shower love and attention on anyone that crosses their path. Cats require you to work for their affection and will view you as their friend and equal rather than as a master.

However, each cat has its own individual personality and some can be far more loving than any breed of dog. They will also provide companionship and entertainment on cold, lonely nights.