7 Undeniable Signs He Emotionally Drains You

Oct 24, 2017

A relationship is supposed to be a source of happiness, joy, support, and encouragement. That is why it can be so hard to realize your partner emotionally drains you. The truth is, he can do it either consciously or unconsciously – the last one usually prevails.

If you are emotionally drained by your boyfriend or spouse, it does not mean you should break up with him right away. If he does it unconsciously, you both must simply discuss the issue and find the solution to it. Here are the most visible signs he might emotionally drain you:

1 He gets too much of emotional support

Supporting each other in a relationship is crucially important. However, if he requires too much of emotional support from you, it is a bad sign. You certainly love your partner and strive to meet all of his emotional needs, but how about yours? Do you feel like your emotional needs are never met?

2 You rarely share your opinion

Whether you discuss something important or you fight over the trifle, does your partner give you an opportunity to express your thoughts without interrupting you? If you are afraid to utter a word because he gets mad when you share your opinion, he is definitely emotionally draining you.

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3 He never stops compaining

Does your partner complain about everything happening in his life? Perhaps he complains when you cook something different for dinner than he expected or that you pay little attention to him. He also moans about the harsh life and lack of money. It is unbearable to listen to complaints all the time. Not to mention that he spreads negativity instead of positivity.

4 He has too high expectations

Does he expect you to be an ideal wife? Does he expect you to be furiously passionate in bed? Does he expect you to make pretty money? Does he expect you to be perfectly beautiful all the time? If he sets too high expectations for you that you can’t handle, it is time for a serious talk with him.

5 He is not there when you feel down

Some men hate seeing their women sad or cry, so they try to shy away to avoid giving a so much needed emotional support. Whenever you feel down or frustrated, does your partner support you? He does not have to tell something; just sit here with you and hold your hand to show you how much he cares about you.

6 You crave more alone time

When you are emotionally drained, you strive to spend more time alone to restore your energy and lift your spirit. If your partner is the major reason for your me time cravings, you have to change the situation before you lead yourself to anxiety and depression.

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7 You suffer from chronic fatigue

Too high expectations, suppressing feelings, worries, stress, and fears use up your energy, leaving you to feel chronically tired even after an eight-hour sleep. When you give too much to your partner, you feel exhausted and drained because you receive nothing in return.

When you spend most of your time satisfying your partner’s needs and worrying about not being good enough, it is a clear sign your partner emotionally drains you. Be courageous to talk to him about your emotions and your fears. Do not keep it private. Respect yourself and make your partner do the same.