FAQs: Most interesting questions about yummy foods that help relieve anxiety

What foods help calm anxiety

It is believed that regular consumption of nuts, dark chocolate, eggs, some berries, preferably blueberries, foods rich in vitamin C, fish, and avocado can affect the neural connections in the body responsible for controlling emotions and moods, thus helping calm anxiety.

What can I drink to calm my anxiety?

You can drink chamomile tea, melissa or mint tea, green tea, milk, kefir, yogurt, and orange juice to calm your anxiety. All of these drinks have a calming effect, help you relax, and reduce anxiety symptoms, such as nervousness and agitation.

What foods make anxiety worse?

There are several foods that can only make anxiety worse. For example, sugar provokes a spike in insulin and inflammatory processes. Caffeine has an irritant effect on the nervous system. Then, stress levels and anxiety when drinking alcohol only increase. Finally, fat, salty, and spicy foods cause insulin spikes, stomach stagnation, inflammation, swelling, and only short-term satisfaction from eating. Still, it does not help to calm down.

Does chocolate help with anxiety?

Yes, chocolate helps to cope with stress, but dark chocolate is good for this. Chocolate acquires an anti-stress effect thanks to cocoa beans. In addition, they contain useful substances, including phenylethylamine. This stimulant causes a feeling of euphoria similar to that experienced by a person in a state of love.