7 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep

Oct 19, 2022

Every mom or dad knows how it’s difficult to cope with a baby who doesn’t want to sleep. Your baby needs naps and you as a parent need them too. You can do some chores while your little one is sleeping or you can just relax and do something you like. Even though you can’t force your baby to sleep if he/she doesn’t want to, there are a few things that you may want to try when your baby won’t sleep.

1 Rocking

One of the best ways to help your baby sleep is rocking. Almost every nursery contains a rocker for this reason. For instance, I rocked my daughter and I really loved each moment of it. I think it’s a great time of bonding for both mom (or dad) and baby.

2 White noise

If your baby has trouble falling asleep, it can be a difficult time for the whole family. It may sound strange, but white noise can work wonders to calm your baby. It can help your little one be more ready for a sleep. I recommend you to try sounds such as ocean waves, the wind rushing through the trees or the soothing sound of rain. Soft music can also be calming to your child.

3 Sleeping pattern

One of the reasons you baby has trouble sleeping is because they don’t have a schedule. It’s very important to have your child on a schedule and have a sleeping pattern. This way, your baby will sleep regularly and it will make your day and night easier to plan.

4 Car rides

Most families who own cars and have babies, use this way to help their babies fall asleep faster. Just put your baby in your car and drive until your baby fall asleep. From personal experience I can say that it really works. In fact, car rides are conducive to napping for most babies. Plus, it’s a great time for you and your husband to enjoy a fun ride.

5 Swings

Swings can have a wonderful effect on your baby. They can put them to sleep in no time. You can even let your little one nap in the swing. The only thing is, when you transfer your baby to their crib, you may interrupt their sleep.

6 Accept reality

Often babies don’t require the sleep parents think they should. Plus, some babies aren’t good nappers, while others may need more sleep. If you baby don’t want to nap or sleep, accept it. My daughter didn’t require much sleep and she didn’t nap well from her birth. If your little one doesn’t require much sleep, there’s nothing worry about. Just make sure you consult your baby’s pediatrician first.

7 Pretend to asleep yourself

While it’s not very effective way to help your baby sleep, if you don’t know what else you can do, this way is worth trying. When you’re lying down with your little one, pretend to be asleep yourself and see if it works. When your house is quiet and everyone is quiet, your baby may fall asleep too.

Do you know any other ways to help the baby to fall asleep? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section.