7 Ways to Be a Good Friend When You Are Always Busy

Friendship is an invaluable gift that makes the life more colorful, easier and better. Unfortunately, many modern people find less and less time for their friends, because we live in the age of busyness and consumerism. We want to have true friends, but often forget to give attention to our dearest and nearest and take the initiative.

No matter how busy we can be, we should never give up on the sacred things like friendship and love. Otherwise, our life will lose its meaning and beauty. Read on to discover how to keep friendships alive when you are always busy.

1 Avoid a codependent friendship

If you want to be emotionally free, independent and healthy, stay away from codependent relationships. If you and your friend are totally codependent, then your friendship is more likely to consist mostly of constant fights, jealousy, resentment and lie.

Whatever you do and however well you treat them, they will always take offense and blame you for a ruined friendship, because their demands and expectations are unbelievably high. If you do not want to cut ties with them, try to break the cycle of codependency first.

2 Do not bottle yourself up during the tough times

Many people plunge into their own problems and avoid hanging out with their friends because they prefer to face hard times alone and do not want to fill the heads of those they love with negativity. As a result, such a generous decision usually gives birth to hard feelings on the part of friends.

They mistakenly think that lack or absence of communication is a sign of disrespect. If you are going through dark times, you should not withdraw into yourself. On the contrary, let your friends know about it. Perhaps, they will give you a helping hand and regard your depressive mood with understanding.

3 Keep your promises

Although it is okay to avoid codependency, it is also crucially important not to break the rules of morality and cross the line. Do not hurt your friends’ feelings by an impudent behavior and giving them the runaround.

When you reject an incoming call and then promise your friend to call again later, fulfill your promise by all means. Otherwise, they will come to a conclusion that you are absolutely indifferent to them. If you have no desire to be friends with them, tell it to your future ex-friend, instead of leading them by the nose.

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4 Random acts of kindness

Today many people practice random acts of kindness because doing good deeds is a natural need for any person that helps them keep the right balance between dark and bright sides of their souls.

If you are always busy, then every time you are going to do a good deed, think of your family and friends first. Small acts of care and kindness will not take a lot of time, but they will certainly prove to your old friends that your soul honors, loves and respects them.

5 Remember your best friend’s birthday

Birthday is a day when your best friend wakes up in a wonderful mood and waits for congratulation calls. Your call and sincere congratulations are critical to them.

If you forget to congratulate them on the occasion of their birthday, then your friend will experience a spasm of resentment. Such a gesture will certainly add dark colors to the holiday atmosphere and show your friend what kind of person you are.

6 Take advantage of technologies

Almost every person has access to the Internet and it means they can easily keep in touch with other people, despite the distance. Social networks give people an opportunity to exchange messages, share photos, music and video with their friends and others.

It will take you 15 minutes a day to phone or write a message to your friend. Do not tell that you have no time, because no one will believe it. It is impossible to be busy 24 hours a day, no matter how hard-working and productive you are.

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7 See your friends at least once a week

It is normal to communicate via electronic gadgets, but you should be careful because one day your friendship can turn into a virtual one. It’s necessary to break the routine and see them at least once a week.

During these meetings, you will have a chance to take your mind off your own problems and have a nice heart-to-heart chat. If you have a lot of friends and peaceful rest is not your pair of shoes, then why not get all your best friends together and have fun?

I hope these pieces of advice will help you improve the quality of your friendship. What other tips for remaining a good friend, when you are extremely busy do you know?