9 Fun Texting Games to Play with Your Friends

Use your phone to entertain yourself and your friends without spending a dime on cool apps. Finding time to talk to your friends on the phone is impossible at times, especially when you’re totally wrapped up with your busy schedules, or you’re not allowed to talk on the phone in the workplace. Texting games are a perfect distraction for commuters. Moreover, people who suffer from phone anxiety can use texting games as a method to stay in touch with friends. Anyways, texting games are fun and awesome, and here are a few ideas you may want to try today:

1 Where am I?

While it seems to be a childish game, it doesn’t matter when you and your friends feel bored. Text your friends about the items that surround you so that they could guess where you are. If they know that place really good, then make sure you use as complicated descriptions and words as possible. If they don’t know that location, then tell them the first and last letters of the place. This texting game can be an adult game when you use the right keywords.

2 Guess the song

If you know that your friends don’t have access to the Internet, playing the Guess the song game is a fantastic idea for all of you. Text your friends a few lines from your favorite song and see who will guess first. The winner writes another lines from their favorite song. Not only will you have fun together, you will also challenge your brains, unless some of you have access to Google.

3 Talk in movie lines

This texting game is challenging and for movie lovers only. When you start texting in movie lines, your friends should text you back the same way. Choose one or several movies and start your game. You can create different categories like “all Spanish movies”, “all Jessica Alba’s movies” or “TVD’s best lines.” All of you can get ready for the texting game the night before by watching the chosen movies and shows.

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4 Guess the abbreviation

I have trouble guessing the abbreviations but still love this texting game that I play with my partner and friends alike. Once my partner wrote LFTCYAMTBY. I thought he’s drunk to text me like this but then it turned out to be a fun texting game. Even though I spent the whole hour guessing what he wrote, I failed. It was “looking for the cacti you asked me to buy yesterday.” We often abbreviate what we’re doing when we’re not together. You can do the same with your friends.

5 Kiss, Marry, Kill

I often see people playing this game online. Since not all of us have smartphones connected to the Internet, we can play the Kiss, Marry, Kill game over text messages. Choose 3 people for each of your friends and ask them who they want to kiss, who they want to marry and who they want to kill (it’s not serious of course.) Make them think twice before texting you back by giving them a list of people they love and hate at the same time.

6 City game

Have you ever played the city game when you are alone? Unless you have no phone, you are never alone. Suggest your friends play the city game, or the name game, or the animal game, or whatever. The rule is the same. You or your friend should text the word that starts from the last letter of the previous word. If someone of you can’t come up with a new word, you know who’s the loser among you.

7 Create a story

Choose the topic and text one of your friends the beginning of the story. One sentence will be enough to show them what story you would like to create. You can come up with a ridiculously crazy story to read the next time you hang out together. Sometimes my girls and I create totally funny stories to share with others.

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8 Celebrity friendship

Pretend to be celebrities that you know well. You should know how they speak and behave and what they’d say in one or another situation. Text one another saying things that a real celebrity would say. The loser is the person who will lose the focus. If celebrity friendships aren’t for you, choose another characters. Everything is optional.

9 What would you do if…?

Call it stupid. Call it childish. Call it boring. Yet, this texting game is a fun way to develop your imagination and get to know your friends better. Many new couples play this game on second and third dates to find out as many information about each other as possible. Obviously, you know your friends, but perhaps you don’t know what they’d do if they had a million, or if they had supernatural powers, or if they were immortal.

Texting games have become a popular way to communicate with people we love. They help build and strengthen relationships and entertain you when you feel bored, lonely or depressed. Give any of these games a try and you will like it, I’m sure. These texting games are perfect for siblings, couples and coworkers too. What texting games do you like to play with your partner or friend? Let’s create a long list of ideas so that we never feel bored again.

FAQ About Texting Games

What games should I play over text?

There are many games you can play over text, such as 20 Questions, Would You Rather, Trivia, Word Association, and Emoji Translation.

There are many games that can be played on chat, such as trivia, word games like Scrabble or Hangman, guessing games like 20 Questions, and even multiplayer games like Among Us or Draw Something.

What games can you play with a guy over text?

Some games you can play with a guy over text include 20 questions, would you rather, truth or dare, and guess the song.

How to flirt over text?

Flirting over text can be done by using playful and teasing language, sending flirty emojis, complimenting the other person, asking open-ended questions, and showing genuine interest in their life. It’s important to strike a balance between being flirty and respectful, and to avoid being too pushy or aggressive.