8 Misconceptions That Prevent You from Being Happy

Being happy is surely the goal of everyone, despite the fact that happiness differs from person to person. “Rise up this morning, smile with the rising sun…” I’m absolutely agree with Bob Marley – this is what we all want, but often can`t do. Why? Well, there are a lot of limits in our life that we subconsciously set up for ourselves. These things never let us feel satisfied and it all looks like an illusory cage. The truth is that we make it ourselves and we`re the only ones who can destroy it. Get rid of these 8 widely spread misconceptions and the cage`ll fall for you to enjoy every moment of your priceless life.

1 Something should happen

Do you sometimes catch yourself waiting for something to happen for you to be happy? It`s the first thing you should learn to avoid. All it gives is disappointment. You wait and wait and then wait again. Realize that there`s no time for waiting. If something beneficial is going to happen, it doesn`t mean you should take no actions meanwhile. Continue loving things around you and don`t count on some miracle. This way, you don`t depend on the circumstances and get more freedom. Happiness is all about freedom, isn`t it?

2 I should always consider the other people`s opinion about me

Can you keep smiling when someone says you`re not successful enough for that? If yes, then you should think about the following: do you really find it useful to let other people decide whether it`s time for you to be happy or not? People are different, when one appreciates you, the other always finds something terrible in your behavior. Wake up! Happy people aren`t happy because of the others` approval. They smile because they don`t let anyone affect their emotional state.

3 I should earn more money

Money isn`t everything. They can only solve your financial problems. There are much more serious obstacles on our way. Of course, making a lot of money is a good thing, but you can be gladder to see the shining eyes of your friend or partner even with no penny in the pocket. There are no bills to pay for the clear sky over your head and pure love of your family.

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4 Buying brand new stuff is a must

Buying something new and popular is only a temporary satisfaction, not to mention that you spend your hard-earned money on things you don’t actually need. Wasting money on something useless isn`t the way out of real troubles. It`s the same as drinking alcohol: when something is wrong and you decide to drink you don`t solve the problem, but only get a chance to forget about it for a while. Then, you understand that the problem still exists and you`ve only wasted your time. Buying too much brand new stuff is only a little drowsiness that keeps you away from the reality.

5 I should take full control of my life

You can’t control everything that happens to you in life. Nevertheless, there are always more positive moments than negative ones in life. The most difficult thing is to see positivity around and stop focusing on troubles only. Imagine having a full control over your life. I guess it would be terribly boring. Unexpectedness makes your life interesting and exciting along with its risky surprises, if you can find the benefits in every situation.

6 I should definitely have a partner

Most people with no partner feel lonely and depressed. They suppose that relationships`ll make their life happier. Yes, everybody needs a soulmate but that`s not the reason to feel depressed until you find someone. Don`t count on and don`t wait for someone to satisfy you. Only when you`re able to be happy with yourself, you`ll have a truly strong and successful relationship.

7 Perfect life is a happy life

You`re not a machine, thus you can`t be happy all the time. Each person has some hard times and that`s natural. You shouldn`t regard yourself as a loser if you go through the rough times. Even the most popular people face difficulties. Happiness doesn`t mean perfectness, it means you should learn how to cope with any problems you’ll face down the road.

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8 I should look perfectly beautiful

Being beautiful is pleasant and it gives a lot of advantages. However, beauty can also turn into a trouble. There are many people who suffers from their perfect appearance as everyone around doesn`t care about their opinion or their hobbies and interests, besides there are so many jealousy around when you look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. There`s no need to be a perfectly beautiful for happiness. You should love your body and take care of it as eventually everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Happiness is real and it`s always close to us. You should decide what being happy means to you personally. Give no chance for others to make you do what they want you to. Happiness hides in simple things that are always around us. Just get rid of those misconceptions that don`t let you see the positive sides of your own independent life. Do you already know what makes you fully happy and what are you going to reach in your life?