9 Ways to Live a Spiritual Life in Today’s World

Oct 28, 2022

Many people believe living a spiritual life is possible only in the forest, or in the mountains. Modern society can put you in stiff limits where earning money is a priority and a spiritual world is hidden under the blanket of financial problems. However, taking a long-last trip to Tibet isn`t the only way to enrich your spirit. There are some really creative ideas to stay calm and peaceful wherever you are. Here is a list of the ways to live a spiritual life without leaving everything you have and going far away from home.

1 Don’t be afraid to embrace change

Life is all about changes, whether you like it or not. The wise and strong person isn`t the one who can keep life unchangeable but the one who is always able to embrace any change. You`ll definitely encounter unexpected turns at work, at home and in a relationship. You can`t change the fact that life changes. Change your attitude towards this situation. Don`t be afraid of those unpredictable surprises of destiny – they can significantly improve your life.

2 Treat others the way you want to be treated

One of the main aspects of spiritually pure life is the way you treat people around you. Of course, we`re not perfect and everyone has some flaws. Alas, we can`t do every thing ideally but all it means is that we should be more patient to each other`s mistakes. When you think that old lady annoys you with poor manners or a negative outlook, try to avoid judging her for this inappropriate behavior. First, it`s not your business. Second, are you perfect? Look at your own self before saying that you don`t like someone. Treat others the way you want to be treated and your life will be much more spiritually rich then.

3 Look at your life from a different angle

Spiritually pure life is impossible without looking at life from a different angle. Do you remember how it`s easy to give someone an advice or judge others? It happens so, because you can look at that person`s problem from a different angle. Same goes to your own life. If you try to estimate it like if it was someone else’s, you`ll see what you need to change in life. This way, you get rid of settled impression you have about yourself. Start doing it right now and gradually it`ll become a useful habit that`ll seriously change your entire life for better.

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4 Think how you can help

Healthy spirit means helping people and thinking less about your own happiness. Think how you can help others and do it whenever there`s a suitable chance. Maybe you have a child, a younger brother or a sister who attends school or college and needs the help of your more experienced mind. Maybe your parents can`t cope with those modern tech tools. There`s no need to wait until someone asks you to do a favor. If you realize you can help someone, just do so without waiting for request.

5 Work for the sake of pleasure

What does you job mean to you? We have to work to earn money for living, so review the way you treat your job. Spiritual life has no obligations so you don`t do any routine tasks you hate. Try to avoid focusing on earning money. Find a job you`d be really happy with. It`ll make every work day funny and easy. As a result, you`ll become more inspired, productive and earn more when working for the sake of pleasure. Money is necessary but your desire is the thing that defines the amount of your paycheck.

6 Increase your attention span

Spirituality is all about harmony while harmonization means an ability to concentrate your attention on a few things at the same time. Wide attention helps you have a romantic relationship, a happy family, a successful career and a strong desire to move forward. In a word, everything is under control in your life. If you encounter a problem connected with your job, for instance, your partner and family will help you cope with it. If some highly important part of you goes out of control, other parts help fix it without any problems.

7 Say ‘yes’ to positive thinking

Positivity is essential for the level of your spirituality. The one who has to make an important decision and thinks it`s practically impossible to succeed in particular situation, won`t even dare to try. But a person with a more positive outlook won`t waste time on doubts. Making an unsuccessful try is better than regretting about a missed possibility. Regretting is a destructive power that makes you feel miserable by saying ‘yes’ to positivity.

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8 Stop moaning

Complaints show your ungrateful attitude to the world and people that live in it. Now try to remember one simple thing forever – you`re the only one guilty for all you have. If you are unhappy with yourself, it’s your fault. If you can’t reach that goal, it’s your fault. Stop moaning! Be grateful for every smile on your face, every beautiful life moment and all friendly people around you. Not all of them but, either way, there`s someone who loves you. Complaining equals negativity and sucks your energy. Our thoughts are material and everyone gets what they expect. The more positive thoughts and intentions you have, the happier you are.

9 Explore yourself

Feeding your spirit with only healthy stuff is something that requires your deep self-examination. Do you think you`ll be another person if you move to another country? We are the way we are wherever we are and that`s it. Don`t try to escape from your true identity to the mountains, forests or temples. Better define yourself and change the things you don`t like. This is the very way of spiritually strong human. Examine your actions and thoughts all the time and it`ll give you a clear picture of who you are for real.

Living a spiritual life doesn`t mean wearing special ritual outfits and chatting with people who can say lots of philosophic things. Harmony, clean mind, approved and reasonable actions, peaceful outlook, kind treatment to everyone and an ability to enjoy life whatever it is without any complaints are what spirituality means indeed. The one who does everything to master these traits lives according to the way of heart. What difficulties have you faced when trying to live a spiritual life in a modern society?