7 Things That Help Us Move On and Win the Race

Oct 24, 2022

Modern life is a global competition where only stout hearts can survive and overcome various life barriers. Many people are so blind to see and understand obvious things. They treat difficulties as an irretrievable disaster and lack either energy or bravery to fight. Meanwhile, wise and successful personalities use the power of positive thinking. This type of thinking opens up new perspectives and helps them make a step into uncertainty regardless of their fears, tears and anxiety. But what is the secret? I think that everything depends on motivation. Only motivation can win the power of laziness and diffidence. It makes us do something and controls our behaviors. It also helps us realize that both profitable and unprofitable things and actions can lead to a positive result.

No matter how you slice it, I’ve understood that the carrot and the stick approach is the best motivator, because many of us tend to put out work off until it gets too hot for us. Many of my friends still complain about life injustice and blame the others for everything bad that happened in their lives. They cannot understand that failures and unpleasant moments are just lessons that teach them to be better. I want to draw your attention to generally known things that stimulate us to move on and struggle for happiness. When you accept them, you’ll notice that those who never give up are the strongest people in the world.

1 Criticism

Criticism is the worst enemy of many women. I don’t know why, but at least, they think so. From time to time, our actions, behaviors and words come under criticism. It can exert either positive or negative influence on our lives. Everything depends on the ability to respond to criticism. If you treat it like an advice or a little remark, then you have all chances to improve yourself and increase the success rate. Those who exaggerate remarks, lack confidence and take things to heart can plunge into a long-term depression.

Psychologists say that criticism should be accepted in an adequate way. Then you’ll be able to make a good thing of it. Just ask yourself a question, “What can I learn from it?” If you feel that the remark is absolutely ungrounded, then forget about it. By all means, try to suppress the thought that you’re good-for-nothing and the whole world wants to humble you. If you’re ready for self-improvement, then try to turn your weaknesses into strong points. Criticism will give you a stimulus.

2 Money

Money is a powerful thing that makes humanity be on all cylinders. Constant demand for money doesn’t let you relax completely, and give yourself in charge of laziness. I know that money doesn’t bring happiness and it shouldn’t be the main priority, but it provides certain financial independence. You’ll be able to buy all necessary things for your dearest and nearest. You either earn money to survive or you lose everything. That’s the life. The main point is not to lose control in the pursuit of money. Those who earn lots of money can become too selfish and heartless. Money is a good motivator for me. I just work hard, but try not to treat it as something sacred. Money is just a tool to reach my goals and satisfy my needs.

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3 Health problems

Human body is a smart system. It operates thousands of interrelated processes automatically. In case of various disorders it sends signals such as pain or anxiety. When we feel bad, we forget about everything and begin to move and take actions in order to understand what’s happened. It’s so difficult to change or get rid of bad habits. Electronic technologies make us lazy bones, but diseases motivate us to move more.

I know that pain is much stronger than the feeling of laziness. Not long ago, I’ve experienced it firsthand. I’m an office worker and my job makes a lot of trouble for me, especially for my back. The doctor prescribed me a regular physical activity. Unfortunately, my busy schedule didn’t allow me to do physical exercises on a regular basis. A terrific pain in my back was the only thing that made me find time and follow the doctor’s prescriptions. Now I realize that pain is not just a negative physical reaction. It makes people more productive and determined in their actions.

4 Love

Love is a great feeling and a powerful prime mover. People inspired by love usually behave like energizers. They see no barriers in their actions and I think that it’s wonderful. When you’re flying on the wings of love you aren’t afraid of moving on in different directions, because you believe that you’re incredibly strong. The only thing you may fear is to go down a great deal in the eyes of the people you love. As usual, when you love, you take direct responsibility for your family and for your loved one. Furthermore, you don’t find it difficult to express your emotions, make pleasant surprises and make your loved one happy for a while. No matter what others say, I know that love is a sacred feeling that helps the whole world forget about fears and do crazy things for the sake of something good.

5 Faith

Faith is an essential part of the winner’s spirit. Those people who believe either in something wonderful or in their own abilities are more resistant to psychological crises. Faith instills confidence and doesn’t let people become disheartened in case of life problems. Faith and self-confidence have much in common. They both help people overcome negative thoughts and the fear of uncertainty. Those who’re free of negativity and prejudices are doomed to success and victory. Psychologists advise people to believe in their victory. As a result, they’ll be able to achieve it in a quite short period of time. This is the first step on your way to success.

6 Rivalry

Whenever one looks in this world, one sees rivalry in every sphere of life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s work, sports or something else. When we were little, our teachers and parents taught us to work hard and try to be the best in everything. Adult life requires even more efforts to succeed in something, because there’re so many rivalries around. It often happens that the rival’s success makes weak and wicked people envy.

Instead of looking for new and more effective ways to improve yourself or your business, you yearn to take your rivals by the throat. What for? You’d better turn your energy into the creation of something new, useful and interesting. Every person has the right to develop and express themselves the way they like. Healthy rivalry can help people open up their hidden potential and win.

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7 Strength of the spirit

Life is not a bed of roses. Every single day we face both positive and negative moments. We get used to good things very quickly, but many stressing events and worrying news are beyond our comprehension. Living in a constant stress is a very challenging task. The body and mind sometimes cannot bear the tension and become exhausted. In such a case, the best idea is to rely on the strength of your spirit. Don’t believe those people who tell you that the strength of the mind is an inherent human quality. I’m sure that every person can develop the firmness of the character. Various life experiences can radically change everyone. Strong people have no fear to deal with disappointments and troubles in the pursuit of their goals.

The basic rule of life is to move in spite of anything. You should always remember that the sleeping fox catches no chickens. We have everything necessary for development and successful cooperation with the world. You should always keep in mind these effective motivators that make you more active and perspective. But don’t think that your success and prosperity depend only on these seven points. Your desire is the only significant thing that can urge you to live and always be on the move. Do you know any other things that make us win and stay active? Share your experiences with us, please!