How to Stay Confident During the High School Reunion

Nov 24, 2017

Depending on how you felt about high school, attending your reunion might be something you would rather trade for getting a root canal. Maybe you were not the most confident kid at school, but who really, deep down, is? Head to your reunion with the following things in mind, and you will not need to worry about your confidence.

1 Remember that you have changed since high school

You are not that goofy, immature kid anymore. Things have changed since you last walked into your high school. Maybe you have graduated from college or served time in the military. Maybe you are married with kids, or not. The point is that whomever you were in high school is long gone. Think about who you became outside of school to who you are now.

2 Be yourself

I remember my 10 year reunion. People pulled up in new, fancy, expensive cars to show the world they were successful. It did not matter if it was true or not. They were there to impress.

Do not fall for that. Be yourself. When you come to the reunion trying to impress others, you really have not left the high school vibe. After all, isn’t that what you did then?

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3 Be proud of what you have accomplished

You do not have to be a neurosurgeon or the president of the United States to have accomplished something in your life. Think about what has happened over the years since high school and how that is made a difference in your life and maybe the lives of others. Be proud of how far you have come whether it is a mile or more or less. What matters is that you have changed from being that teenager to the young adult you are now.

4 Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in

Again, do not try to impress. Do not go out of your way to find something super flashy to wear. Find something you look confident in, that fits you well, and is comfortable. Wearing something that makes you look confident will definitely help you be confident. You will not want to wear something that you are constantly trying to fix every time you move, so make sure it fits right.

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5 Set out to have a good time

It is all about your mindset. If you set out to try to impress people or make others jealous, you are not going to leave feeling very good about things. This might backfire and make the night a complete disaster and embarrassment. Instead of focusing on the others at the reunion and what they are thinking about you, focus on having a good time no matter what.

Maybe you set aside three goals for accomplishing that night to be a success. For example, you might decide to talk to a certain person or a certain number of people, compliment someone for something they have done, and dance the night away. Once those things have been done, you know you have had a good time.

Forget about who you were in high school and what your experience was. Things have changed since then, and you are a different person who should be proud of how far you have come since then. Enjoy your time.