7 Best First Date Conversation Starters

Apr 14, 2016

Weather isn’t the only one conversation starter. Whether you’re a shy girl who has no idea how to start a conversation with a new guy or you’re a confident woman who can’t stand those awkward silent moments, knowing some of the best conversation starters are sure to help you out. Some of us have trouble starting a conversation on a second date too. It’s not because we’re not smart or charming or interesting. It’s because our emotions and feelings don’t let our brains think clearly. A little bit of practice can make your first and next dates more exciting and fun. Plus, you will save your date from dealing with silent moments – a win-win solution for two of you. Take a look at the best first date conversation starters and pick what you think both of you will love to discuss.

1 Holidays

It’s a holiday season, which means, you have an awesome conversation starter. Talk about your favorite holidays and the ways you usually celebrate them. Recollect the most wonderful moments and ask your date about his too. Christmas is a charming holiday that everyone likes so why not make it your first date conversation starter?

2 Food

When I wrote ‘food’ I didn’t mean diet tips, diet goals and calorie intake. You can discuss your favorite and unfavorite meals and drinks, fruit and vegetables, or desserts. Food is a common topic to discuss on a first date. Unless you talk about your calorie intake and weight loss goals, your date will be eager to find out what you like. Romantic dinners are still popular, girls, and men know it.

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3 Childhood memories

Even though not all of us have great childhood memories, there’s still something positive you or your date might have. When I begin to talk about my childhood, I have a number of interesting stories to tell, though it wasn’t so happy and trouble-free. If you see that your date speaks about his childhood with a smile on his face, keep asking questions and tell about your funniest memories too. This is a good way to learn more about each other.

4 Technology

Let’s face it: we live in a world where people fall asleep with their smartphones and check their timelines and emails every time they wake up. Discussing some old or new inventions is a great first date conversation starter. But make sure you don’t brag. If you see that your date doesn’t have a cool phone or he’s a poor student who knows nothing about Mac and iPhone, skip this topic, even if you have the latest gadgets. Otherwise, he will get you wrong.

5 Music

It may seem cliché and boring, but music has a magic power. It heals the soul, boosts mood and inspire us to move forward. Music is a perfect first date conversation ice-breaker too. You know almost nothing about one another so discussing music related questions will entertain both of you and help you find something in common. Who knows, maybe you two love Halestorm or still can’t get over the Beatles. You might listen to your favorite bands on a second date.

6 Career

Whether you are students or successful managers, discussing career goals and achievements is one of the best ways to start a conversation. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, just a few sentences and that it. Again, no bragging and moaning. Avoid discussing and gossiping about your bosses and coworkers. The last thing you want is to turn your date into a business meeting.

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7 Family

Family is a bit tricky first date conversation starter, but when other topics fail, why not talk about your families? Parents, siblings, nieces or nephews, whoever. If you have little kids in your family, make sure you talk about them. Your date will see how much you love kids, and know you will be a wonderful mom. Moreover, you will find out how he treats his parents and kids as well. If you are planning to build a relationship with this guy, you should know as many details about his family as possible.

First date conversation starters can vary from person to person. You can’t know what topics your date would like to discuss. Stay flexible. If you feel like your conversation starter is a total failure, quickly change the topic. Your date can also suggest some interesting topics. Don’t discuss your exes, crushes, family problems and health issues. He’s not interested in those details. What was your worst first date conversation starter?