To The Girl Who Wants to Let Go of a Lost Dream

Jul 12, 2016

We all know the feeling when we first feel that spark of a fiery dream inside our souls. It completely takes over your life and opens up your eyes to new horizons beyond your imagination – but what happens when you start to feel that fire dying out? What happens when you start to feel another one sparking? Do you ignore the call and frustrate your soul, or do you choose to be brave and let the new dream in?

Honing your dream to perfection leads to disappointment

Losing a dream is never easy, you pour your heart and soul out into it, honing it to perfection and to the idea you had in mind. It is no wonder that when it dissipates or completely disappears that you find yourself facing the different stages of loss: denial, anger, depression, bargaining and eventually acceptance (or in my case going through all these stages a few times around). However – despite what society might want you to believe – there is absolutely nothing wrong with a dream that changes.

Do not fret over lost time

If your dream came true, that’s great. If it didn’t and you still feel yourself jumping up and down with excitement by the thought of it, go for it! But if you are like me and you have slowly felt it moving into a new direction, don’t fret over the time you spent on your old dream – it made you stronger and wiser. It shaped you into the person you are at this moment. And it is to you that I am talking to today.

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Loss is a part of life

Let’s be frank: it is not an easy task losing something that was once the center of your universe – the thing you based all your decision on. However, it is possible to move on – but you have to be willing to accept the loss, the fear of rejection by others, and most importantly, the fear of change. First of all, we have to remember that loss is a part of life. It will always be there and the sooner we learn to deal with it, the stronger and the more resilient we will be able to be, perhaps even inspiring others in the process too.

Rejection is a knife that boomerangs

Rejection is a knife that boomerangs in our lives and will never cease to amaze us – many times it will come from people we expected it the least off, knocking the wind out of our sails when it hits us in the back, piercing straight into to our hearts. However, we have to remind ourselves that those who truly love us, will always respect our choices in life and will try and place themselves in our shoes, seeing the situation from our perspective.

Everything is imprinted with the blueprint of change

Lastly, we have to realize life is not perfect – it will never be. No relationship, no situation and no environment. Everything is imprinted with the blueprint of change – nothing is set in stone, so trying to control our dreams is like futile game of Tug Of War – you can pull and pull all you want, but in the end the process of life will win and you will just be left lying on the ground, panting – desperate for a breath of air and confused as to how and why you landed on your butt when you gave it your all.

Letting go of all those fears and beliefs associated with a lost dream will set you free and allow you to become the person you were meant to be; a person no longer bound by something that does not serve him or her. Letting go of the past and embracing the future will allow you to grow wiser in the dealings of yourself and the dealings of the world. Strength, resilience, and hope will emanate from you and inspire others facing the same situation to be brave.

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As with many things in life, if you hold onto something that no longer serves you and only drains your energy, you will be left frustrated, confused and the cup that was once filled with inspiration and hope for others will be empty – and as the saying goes: “You cannot pour from an empty cup.” All you have to do is allow this change to fill your cup by bringing in new passions, new horizons, new journeys and an abundance of inspiration. The question is: Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?