7 Things That Can Worsen Depression

Oct 20, 2022

Nowadays depression is one of the most widely spread mental disorders of many people. The main signs of depression are helplessness, hopelessness and the sense of futility. Moreover, it is scientifically proved that psychological, spiritual and economic factors can intensify those states. There are many other triggers that can make your depression grow progressively. This illness can be mind shattering and life altering. It is almost impossible to deal with life, when depression takes over. That’s why you should use different strategies which can make you feel better. We need to better understand what causes and exacerbates depression in order to avoid the consequences of this disease.

1 Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep and depression usually tend to come hand in hand. Both too much and too little sleep can worsen depression. It is desirable to go to bed and wake up approximately at the same time every day. People with insomnia have more risk of developing depression compared to those who get enough sleep. If depression includes insomnia, ask the doctor for help. This sleep disorder can be successfully treated by different techniques.

2 Stress

Stress is a good natural reaction that keeps you alert, motivated and ready to respond the danger. Unfortunately, chronic stress may lead to major depression. Even positive emotions, such as getting married or beginning a new job can be stressful and lead to a new episode of depression. You should try to use all possible ways to relax and avoid nerve-racking moments. Furthermore, sustained or chronic stress leads to elevated hormones such as cortisol, “stress hormone”, and reduced serotonin “hormone of happiness.” These chemical reactions can cause or worsen depression. Therefore, there are also problems with different regulation processes like appetite, energy, and sleep.

3 Foods

We are what we eat and drink. It is hard to believe, but even foods may contribute to the depression. Surely, a bar of chocolate isn’t going to make you suicidal. But if you consume a lot of caffeine, alcohol and refined sugar, you have a risk to meet or worsen depression. By the way, many dentists will tell you that fluoride is good for strengthening your teeth. It’s a myth. Fluoride causes depression, constipation and fluid retention. Foods we consume go right to our limbic systems, which are the emotional headquarters of the body.

4 Memories

It is difficult to believe, but people tend to remember past traumatic events and their feelings at those moments. Next time when they face the same situation, they feel the same painful and distressing emotions. Psychologists recommend people to avoid such situations if possible. You can also prepare yourself before facing something stressful. Such strategy will help you get rid of these painful emotions and enjoy your life.

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5 Negative people

It’s important to know that other people can trigger one’s depression. So, if you are depressed, you’d better surround yourself with frank and positive people. If it is impossible, then try to spend less time with those who make you feel irritable and depressed. Toxic people and strained environment can only worsen the depression. Just try to replace negative feelings and thoughts with positive emotions. Don’t waste your time on people who make you suffer.

6 Social networks

Social networks can significantly worsen depression. You can see the photos of your friends, visiting some wondrous exotic places. When you begin to compare your success with others’, you can become helpless or even sad. You realize that their lives are perfect and your life isn’t interesting. Such destroying thoughts can prevent you from happiness.

7 Media

Numerous studies indicate that media can lead to depression, eliciting feelings of envy, social isolation and poor self-esteem. Plus, disturbing TV news or shows can aggravate depression. Try to visit only those websites and social messengers you are more comfortable with. If you are depressed, then you should stop watching TV and devote yourself to a hobby or do things you find interesting.

I think this article will help you avoid such terrible thing as depression. Surely, there are a lot of other things that can worsen depression. It seems everyone has individual moments which can trigger negative emotions or depression. What other things can aggravate depression? Share your thoughts please.