9 Great and Natural Ways to Debloat Today

Sep 3, 2017

It has happened to virtually every woman on the planet. Someone has mistaken your bloated belly for a baby belly. As you give them a deranged smile and restrain yourself from thrashing them for basically calling you fat, you look down at your belly and wonder if perhaps there is some merit to their observations.

While it is incredibly rude to point out bloated bellies, whether they contain babies in them or not, it is no fun to have a bloated stomach. And if you have been hitting the gym often yet look a bit puffy after eating, perhaps you need to get to the root of the problem. Like what is causing this bloating.

It could be nervousness and stress. It could be that you are about to get your period. It could also be something you ate. Bloating happens for many very normal reasons. But luckily, you can stop it today with the following tips. Be sure to consult your doctor before trying any of them, though.

1 Drink peppermint tea

If your stomach is always in knots, try drinking peppermint tea. It is so soothing, plus it smells and tastes great. You can also add peppermint essential oil to an unscented lotion for an all-over soothing and debloating experience. If you can’t stand the scent of peppermint, you can still harness its powers in capsule form.

2 Try activated charcoal

It is not something you can use every day or over long periods of time, but if you have an event to go to, like a wedding for example, and you do not want to look bloated in your dress, take along some activated charcoal. It is great for mellowing out gassy tummies. Do not be alarmed the next time you poop after taking it though. It will turn your next few bowel movements black.

3 Get on your knees

Chinese culture relies heavily on acupuncture. That being said, Chinese people often encourage kneeling for when they feel bloated. The reason is because there are energy lines that support our digestive system all along our shins. As long as you are able to kneel, you can try doing so and let the ground help to naturally put pressure on these points to relieve your bloating.

4 Rub your tummy the right way

Inside your digestive tract as you go about your day, the muscles in there are doing their own thing. As we work, play, and live our lives, muscular movements propel food through our gut to digest and then hand it over to the excrement department.

You can help those muscles along and speed up your digestion by massaging your belly in the same direction as the muscles. Using your palm, make smooth massaging motions in large clockwise circles to rub your tummy right.

5 Go for a little exercise

A little gentle exercise can also help your belly debloat. This is not the time to try a new HIIT workout though. You want to do something that gently moves gas along. If you do something to intense while bloated, your body will hand your energy over to the active parts of your body and put the digesting on hold, leaving you more bloated than ever. The best thing you can do is go for a nice walk after a meal, or even do some simple yoga poses.

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6 Have more ginger

Asian cultures experience less bloating because they make a habit of consuming ginger in just about everything. You can put it in your morning smoothie, chew on it, cook with it, or even drink it in tea form. It is excellent for digestion. Incidentally, ginger is also helpful for combating nausea and vomiting. If the taste of ginger bothers you, you can also get it in powdered capsule form.

7 Watch your intake on fermentable sugars

Yes, you are supposed to eat fruits to be healthy, but if you bloat easily, you may want to limit your intake of things that have high levels of fermentable sugar. That is not a free pass to get out of eating healthy forever, but when you are stressed, excited or nervous, it can have a big impact.

Limit yourself on stone fruits, apples, and dried fruits. You should also watch out for onions, garlic, wheat, and legumes prior to any big event. It could be the change you wish to see.

8 Stay away from fatty things

Fatty foods are always doing us in. Sure, we feel so happy immediately after eating them, but soon after the impact they have can be felt. They delay our digestion and can take hours and hours for our stomach to move along to our intestines. So if you want to keep your belly looking debloated while at that pool party or at the beach bar, skip that fried mozzarella appetizer.

9 Ingest more probiotics

Probiotics are in our guts naturally, but consuming more of them in foods helps us stay healthy, particularly in our digestive system. This good bacteria really helps us out. Eating foods that have probiotics can bring tremendous relief. Think yogurt for example.

But if you have never eaten things with probiotics in them, it is best to test drive this idea first. While most people find relief, there is a small percentage of people out there that cause gas and bloating to be much worse. Try it on a day or night that you will be hanging out at home first before taking the show on the road.

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Gas and bloating is a part of life. But you can make it be a thing of the past if you incorporate these tips. While having a good diet and exercising will keep you healthy and slim, bloating can make even the most trim people look less-than-stellar. Do you have an embarrassing gas or bloating story? Tell us!